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Thread: Number of AB/TB/DLs

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    Default Number of AB/TB/DLs

    I recall reading somewhere about an estimate of the number of AB/DL/TB's somewhere. I couldn't remember what the number was, so I spent about an hour looking for it on google, but with no success. I realize that the estimate probably wasn't very close to the actual number, but I want something to go on. I just wondered if anyone knows of an estimate, or knows where an estimate might be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NutFreeFruitcake View Post
    I recall reading such an estimate...right here on the ADISC Wiki:

    Population of AB/DLs - ADISC Answers Wiki

    I guess now I remember where I saw it.

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    Yeah...because ALL ab/dl people are registered at

    I think that you need to at least triple the rate that they estimate. So, if they say it's 1:6000 it's probably at least 1:2000. But, I'd bet that it's even higher...probably only 20% of people register at, max.

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    This sort of thing always peaks my curiosity. Working in a junior high school I often wonder how many of the kids have leanings toward our way of life. Of course, there's no way I can tell any more than anyone can tell that I'm an AB/DL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by babymick21 View Post
    Yeah...because ALL ab/dl people are registered at

    I think that you need to at least triple the rate that they estimate. So, if they say it's 1:6000 it's probably at least 1:2000. But, I'd bet that it's even higher...probably only 20% of people register at, max.
    Anyone in their right mind who reads that wiki page questions that methodology. Heck, the wiki page itself points out that the methodology could be far off, stating, "It wouldn't be outrageous to estimate an adjusted ratio as low as 1 in every 1,000 for these cities."

    In fact, looking at Alexa stats, has higher US traffic than, which makes the methodology of using statistics for US cities seem more dubious. We could probably get a much closer number by using data from our own site.

    If we were to limit the sampling to say, 15-25 year-olds (as compared to that age range in various cities or states), and throw in an adjustment factor equal to ~ (guest traffic + member traffic)/(member traffic), we'd get a much more accurate (though still dubious) answer.

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    well it's apparently mostly guys, and a very small percentage of the world...but you never know, so many people remain quiet of course

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    In the mentioned article it gives us a rough estimate of 1 in 6000.

    This is based of (population) / (number of ABDLs)
    Obviously the number of AB/DLs is the large uncertainty here, so I'll try to show you my view of the error involved. To me there are two things that need to be adressed with the number of ABDLs:
    1. The amount of us that are actually on
    2. The amount that incorrectly listed their location.

    I think (1) has the largest error here. My reasoning is that the majority aren't on for various reasons: not liking that site, not being on any sites, and not having the internet (yes they exist.) My estimate is that at most about 30% of AB/DLs are on the site, but 20-25% is a more likely figure.

    (2) has forces acting to push it both ways. There are people who live around the city but list their location as in the city. however many people don't list a location at all or put something very general. Taking both of those into account, my guess would be that about 50% more people on live in any city than specified.

    so, the amount of AB/DLs living in a city should be x1.5 for those registered, and the actual number is then a further x4 for those not on, therefore the actual number of AB/DLs is about x6 from 1/6000.

    Showing that a guess of 1/1000 really isn't that unreasonable by my reckoning. This would appear to mean there are actually a lot of us around, but don't get too exited - we all know how secretive most keep it, so even if there was another one a street away, you are unlikely ever to know. Even if you did, you'd probably both have separate interests.

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    1/1000 might be a bit of an exaggeration, but i doubt it's much higher than 1/4000 for predominantly middle-class white communities. there's really no way of knowing what the ratio would be for communities where people came from different cultural, social, and economic backgrounds.

    there were about 4,000 students at my high school while i was going there. i like to think there might have been at least one or two other AB/DLs there. obviously i would have had no way of knowing who they were, but it's a comforting thought.

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    You wonder also what countries have the highest percentage of *T/DL's (any guesses?)
    my guess is England and Germany for now, they have lots of very active communities into "this"

    It's very interesting that people in all corners of the world seem to be involved in *T/DL stuff! Also, in places that are more poor (and have less computers and internet access is extremely expensive or rare) is the interest in *B/DL at a similar rate (such as the 1 in 1000 or 1 in 5000 people have speculated)?

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