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    well lucky me, my local pharmacy started stocking them. I have a 40" waist and all they have is larges. My question is do you think they will be to big? They're only 9 for 12 diapers, figured it would be worth a shot. Are they worth getting? The best other than that are attends breathables.


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    Nah, they probably won't be too big. Just tape them a little tighter if it doesn't seem right. Get 'em before they're gone!

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    to bad there not open tommorrow Monday I guess, hope I don't got work.

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    I'm also a 40" and am right on the edge. Tena mediums are pretty big, fit a 40 no prob and give a snug discrete fit. I find the cut of the Tena large a bit high and a little saggy/ big for daytime active wear but great for night.

    Tena has a regular size in between med and large, basically a large waist with a lower cut and little smaller leg hole. It fit's me like it was custom made.

    Hope this helps.

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    They should be perfect then, yay for not having work tommorrow.

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    Well I got them! Awsome looking diaper, fairly thick. I can't wait to wear one.

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    You'll have to post up your review afterward. I found some recently, and they were ok for a store find. I found them to be a little stiff and loud, and the tape landing zones had a funny texture that I didn't care for. They hold up pretty well though to usage, just don't expect a giant abena and you'll be fine. The non landing zone plastic is nice and soft though, its a shame the whole unit isn't the same.

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    I have some Tena Classics in my stash. The ones I have are pretty old and I think they have changed since then. The plastic is heavy duty and pretty loud. They are size small so the absorbency isn't that great, but overall not a bad diaper.

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    I'll do a small review later. They are a little to big so they don't fit right, might not be 100% accurate.

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