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Thread: Preteen diaper use

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    Smile Preteen diaper use

    When I stated puberty I would rub myself on my sheet. I quickly found out that it made my penis sore. I discovered some little girls nylon panties and soon learned that the smoothness was a lot better then the sheet. It was messy so I came across some plastic baby pants and started to rub with them. I soon found that a little baby oil of them was the best and easier to clean up. The problem with baby oil is that it makes plastic pants stiff. I soom found out that disposable baby diapers had the plastic back and felt great. I still use them today but all the diapers today are clothlike and not as much fun. Anyone elst had this type of upbringing?

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    Nope. I didn't masturbate until I was 16, and it still really didn't interest me. I just wanted to know what all the hype was about. Also, you should really post an introduction thread before typing something like this. No offence, but it kind of comes off as creepy. Let us get to know you first before you start talking about your personal sexual life.

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    Yeah, hansbrawn, I want to say welcome to the forum, but in all honesty, if some one were to introduce themselves in person by telling me about their masturbation, I sure wouldn't be welcoming! So...welcome, but you've got to be careful with this sort of thing, or you will get some negative responses. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt though, as you are new here, and assume you were sharing with the community how you got into liking diapers. I suppose it's difficult to explain without sounding creepy. Maybe you could follow link's suggestion, and post a new thread in the intro forum, so people get to know about you, not just, part of you, if you'd excuse my crudeness! Cheers. I hope you'll soon get to see what sort of a place this is and what goes down well here, and I look forward to seeing your good contributions 'round the forums.

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    OK, so this thread is about preteen diaper use, yet you talk about masturbation. Am I the only one seeing something wrong here?

    Please follow the usual course of action: (1) Introduce yourself, (2) find out what this forum is about (certainly not preteens and their sexual urges!), (3) post accordingly.

    So...return to start and do not collect $200!

    In other words. Thread closed!


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