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Thread: A timer pad lock?

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    Default A timer pad lock?

    do thay acually exsist? ( and yes i know about the ice trick) however can anyonw here find one?

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    Well, they make electricity timers that will keep the lights off until a certain time -- combine that with a padlock and you've got some decent anti-unlocking.

    There's a whole bunch of stuff designed for self-bondage -- what I've seen the most of is DIY stuff ( - Home of selfbondage --> basics --> selfbondage release methods). I can help you look as long as you say what you want to use it for.

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    There's no dedicated bondage forum, so these threads are hard to categorise. Arguably it could go in Mature Topics, but I've moved it to Adult Baby since self bondage is more adult appropriate.

    Not seen any timer pad locks. I think you'll have to stick with the ice trick until self bondage gets more hi-tec.
    There is this:

    Not that anybody in their right mind would pay that much!

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    well i could see myself dismantling that to get at the lock bit, and sry about where iv put it i wasnt too sure where to.

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    There was a guy over at Daily Diapers who had this all worked out, he was going to use a very powerful electo magnet as the locking mechinism it would stay locked as long as the power was flowing and unlock if the power went off or the timer timed out.

    You might want to check around over there and see how it worked and if it will apply to what you want to use.

    I belive it was in the bondage section, it was quite some time ago, so I don't remember all of the details but it's worth a look......

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    Yikes. High voltage stuff seems... dangerous... to use around diapers and bodily fluids (hell, fluids in general)...

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    They make a lock that you freeze and it stays freezed until it melts. About 3 hours.

    Thats what you are looking for, do some research and you will find it.


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    yeah know the ice trick, also only fluids that are metalic or in solution (dessolved salt) can conduct eleticity. (water can cause its in partial equilibrium of being water and H+ and OH- ions so water is in solution only when liquid)

    also i like the eltro magnet idea, haveing to wait till to power runns out. wont know when you could change^^

    one method i herd off was posting the keys and waiting till thay arrived

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