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Thread: What do you do on a rainy lonely day?

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    Default What do you do on a rainy lonely day?

    My x and best friend took off yesterday to go to a underground band concert. So, I was in a sad mood yesterday to begin with. To make matters worse I woke up and found it was raining! So, I'm bored out of my mind and cant think of a project to do with myself. I like art so commish requests are welcome.

    I just wanted to ask adisc. What do you do for fun when your alone or its raining? Normally I would roam aimlessly on my bike but it will just rust.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions :3

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    I like to watch stupid videos on Newgrounds or YouTube, or play a nice little game. Get out some popcorn, lay back on my bed in my pj's, and just chill. Or I might get on Omegle and chat it up with some strangers, or play around with Cleverbot. The internet is an awesome place! Go around and find some things that interest you!

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    I'd probably sit on here and check/respond to messages. It's fun, for me, to go to the chat room here, because everyone seems pretty nice. I have a couple old video games I could play, or some work that I could do around the house. Or I could watch a movie. I have friends who live across the country who I don't get to see more than, like, once a year who I could call up. And, yeah, there's always going out to play in the rain. If you have a rain coat or rain suit you could just suit up and go for a walk or something. You could read a book at home, or go to a coffee shop. The possibilities are endless. :-)

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    hmmmmm I think I might try to beat a level on Final Fantasy X2. My mom said I could do something with a friend, but i havent gotten in touch with her. >< I need to start getting peoplez numberz again so i dun have to wait untill they get on thier internetz

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    IF you know any web design, make a little website, chat on omegle, SLEEP, go out somewhere(but if you're like me i HATE just driving around, bc it wastes gas) watch youtube videos, watch tv, listen to the radio, uhh...wear diapers, go to the hobby shop and pick up a model to do.

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    It's raining here too, and probably will for the rest of the weekend. I usualy write, play my guitar, or surf the net. Can't do anything when it's raining out.

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    Take out "rainy" and "lonely" and what I do won't change. My schedule is fairly well chiseled in stone.

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    I invite friends over. It was rainy yesterday, and today is rainy, too. Yesterday didn't really differ from a non-rainy day. I went to school, then a BDSM party, which was inside so the rain didn't affect it. Usually on a Saturday (if I don't work) I'd go out and do stuff... but since I don't feel like being wet my bff is coming over so we can work on some homework. Then we have a double date tonight... but our bf's have cars, so we'll probably just go to the movies or something, and avoid the rain.

    In short, on rainy days, I try to go places that are indoors, opposed to being outside.

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    I absolutely love rainy days. I will turn on some music, chat on the internet, drink coffee, read a book...and my favorite thing - watch it rain.

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