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Thread: impossibly low prices

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    Default impossibly low prices

    I came across this site NiceDiaper.Com which not only has a fascinating selection of products but lists improbably low prices (in $US) - but a quick bit of googling suggests they are legit, and these prices are not based on wholesale volumes (which was my first guess.) Some feedback was here: Diapers From "nicediaper" Company In China - DailyDiapers Boards & Chat

    (Though it appears that net cost comes out higher than the advertised price on NiceDiaper.Com due to shipping/handling/customs, (I am guessing.))

    Among their product categories is ABDL - so they are ABDL-aware: a good sign.

    Here is some of their eye-candy, including fascinating asian diapers with an ultra-low crotch (sumo-style)

    Update: there's an ADISC thread: silly me, first place I should have looked. Yeah, their prices are low-ish but not drastically lower than the usual suppliers where I am... Here is their Canadian ebay store Shop eBay Canada Store - YUYUN:: Adult Baby Diaper, cloth diapers

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    I don't like using Chinese toothpaste, I wouldn't like driving a Chinese car and I certainly wouldn't like wearing a Chinese diaper.

    They don't look that good to me, either. Sorry, but I'm gonna skip these.

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    If it's asian, I'm gonna like it, and this is no exception! Even though it seems a bit odd that they're selling 100 disposable diapers for 26 dollars, I'd still buy them. Can't pass up something like that.

    I guess I know what I'm going to buy if anybody commissions me!

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    For the most part, I've heard that the quality is suspect...BUT, since they're so cheap...does it matter?

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    Based on other peoples' reviews, it appears not that quality is poor as such but that quality control is spotty; some people are thrilled with their "nicediapers" while others received items with flaws ranging from minor (upside down label) to major (unsewn seams.) Personally, I enjoy seeing new and interesting designs, especially of plastic pants, the shinier/ softer-looking the better. The metallic-finished snap-together ones made me do back-flips.

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    Their stuff is decent. Just don't put their all-in-ones in the dryer, it will melt the plastic.

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    Diapey, they need to so they don't have to get up and go to the toilet while stalking someone.

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    Are you kidding? By the time you hear a crinkle you are already dead...

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    Default impossibly low prices

    I have a number of YuYun diapers I have bought from the site. I absolutely love the feel of all their diapers. They are sooooo soft and some of the most comfortable diapers I have ever worn. The quality control is not the best, but like it's been said, for that low a price, I don't care. I can sew a little and fix the minor problems , but so far I have had only one diaper that needed fixing at all and that was minor.

    My favorite are pull-on AIO's (all-in-ones) that have a "pocket" in them for a stuffer (it included one with the diaper), I also have five AIO's with Velcro fasteners. The cover material is silky and soft. The problem with AIO's is that they tend to wick (not really a leak) and get my pants a bit wet on the bottom so I only wear them around the house and I can use a pad where I sit on my furniture.

    The diapers that are not AIO's and need plastic pants as a cover are great. I wear them anywhere. Super thick, so wear baggy clothes, and you can add more inserts in the "pocket" that is sewn into the diaper. The shipping seems like a lot, (my last order of about $68.00 had a $32.00 shipping cost) but that got me six diapers, six additional inserts, and four pairs of baby print cloth covered plastic pants. The more you order, the less the shipping costs are a factor. Oh, and if you only pay the regular shipping, expect to wait about 30 days for them to arrive. Some people hate waiting but I prefer the cheaper cost and can wait a few extra days.

    By the way, although I love the look (very cute and babyish prints) and softness of their fabric covered plastic pants, they are not large enough even in their largest size to fit me. I am a "big" baby with a 50" waist (no fat jokes please!). I know it says the XL will fit 50" but the one I tried to put on won't go over my diaper. Still, most of the different types of diapers fit me very well in their largest sizes.

    The last thing I'll say about them is that they are not too good at replies to email requests for special orders and I get the idea they just don't do special orders. Other than that, they are a legit company with very low prices for what are usually good products. They are very AB/DL aware.

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