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    I know these arent the best drawings, but I decided to post these all in one thread so i could get some feedback.

    Last edited by 3ch0; 02-Oct-2009 at 19:46. Reason: the last picture was too much for many people.

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    It started out okay...But. Then.


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    That is.. a significant amount of excrement for such a little mouse.

    Ignoring the actual content of the last three pics, I will say that they are my favorites simply because you depict the action and facial expressions well. One can actually get an idea of a storyline from them (mouse scared sh... wait, the forum's PG, right?), which can be hard to do. Basically, they look like rough sketches--before refining lines, adding color & backgrounds--for panels in a comic book.

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    At first I was all like "Okay, that's pretty good..."

    But then I kinda went:

    Just a little too much for me, but you've got some pretty good skills.

    EDIT: From the pic, I meant that my jaw dropped unexpectedly. Don't tase me, bro! I like the facial expressions, by the way.

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