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Thread: Make your own diaper!-!

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    Default Make your own diaper!-!

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section.... feel free to move it and my apologies if this type of post has already been posted.

    For those of you who dont have the privacy/location to buy good adult diapers, you can always make one in about 5 minutes, using only toilet paper, and a pair of underpants.

    NOTE: this diaper is only for pooping in., but can be modified to mke it good for wetting as well. I suggest using lots more toilet paper if you intend to wet this 'diaper''

    First, line the bottom and back of your pair of unterpants, with strips of toilet paper. make sure that a good portion of the back half, and also middle, is thickly lined with toilet paper, and there is no gaps or spaces.

    Then, pull your 'diaper' on, make sure there is enough toilet paper and have some fun :p

    Please feel free to post your ideas below, and gove me some feedback!
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    Hi humanpally, welcome to ADISC. I think you should introduce yourself on the "Introductions/Greetings" forum so we can better get to know you.

    Hearing custom diaper ideas are sometimes fun to read, as I have had my own fair share of experiments in my past. Though because your idea is only good for #2, most would find it slightly not worth the effort. Very little people here enjoy to do "just" #2, many in fact do not even do it-- and that can be understood why with no further explanation.

    Wouldn't you think a slight modification, like a thick towel, for instance would make up for this "only" #2 diaper? That is, if you enjoy #1 as well... I would be quite amazed if you only do #2.

    To see my idea I posted not that long ago:

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