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Thread: Not Specifically Australians

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    Just wondering if any australians have ordered bambinos before.

    If so, how long did it take and how was it delivered. Do they leave the package at your front door and how big is the package? Also my waist is 29-32 inches, what size would that be?

    thanks heaps

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    I am not from austrailia, but I do believe that the bambino website does have Shipping Information like where they ship to and what kind of packageing that they would send their product in on the FAQ section of their site. plus they post waist sizes as well. I hope that helps

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    I think they only ship throughout america. This could have changed though.

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    thanks for your help. Both right, and they don't ship to australia!!! dang!

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    Good business opportunity for anyone in OZ who could manage huge shipments from the US. Their website says they are looking for distributors. Virtually no financial risk either because there would be hundreds of keen customers here.

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    Yeah but 100's of customers would not be able to cover the waehousing space etc.. unless there was a big markup on the products.

    You would need to be an established import business to make this work.

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    any obstacle is an opportunity.... i'm thinking. I have the space, but not the time.....

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    id try and order them if they had an Aust dist, but they dont

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    Getting them wouldn't be hard, even if they don't officially ship to Australia.

    How many people are actually interested in this? And how much would you be willing to pay? Could *easily* get cases of them here for < US$100 including shipping through a third party, and even less if there was some sort of bulk buy.

    It's just a case of wanting it enough to do the legwork to make it happen, or be willing to pay enough to get someone to do the logistics for you.

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