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Thread: Con meetup questions

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    I have a question for advice at meeting fellow littlefurs at cons. I am a very shy person but i have been to alot of cons (8 so far this year with one more planned and 6 lsat year) and everytime i see someone with a marci badge or somethin of the like i try not to be awkward and just say hello but i lock up and don't know what to say or how to go about saying it so normally i cling to my uncle's side or recluse up in the room so would there be any advice for meeting new furs at cons?

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    The one thing I would say is to just relax! Try not to recluse in your room; walk around, people watch, and maybe make a few casual conversations.

    If you're worried about conversations, just go up and say "Hey Marci badge; looks awesome!" Introduce yourself, talk about where you're from, the weather, etc. Just simple small talk. Hey, you never know; that small talk might lead to a really interesting conversation and maybe a new friend.

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    well i've watched my friend do it several times (damn he's good at it) of how he approaches people and randomly starts a conversation and some of the things he does i've paid attention to but when i try them they sound recited and th elanguage barrier or accent doesn't help at all. The most sucess i've had is having my uncle translate for me but correcting what i say so i don't sound like a weirdo there was one babyfur who i know loves diesels and my uncle saw him on the elevator but i never got a chance to meet him

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    Try to be outgoing when you can... alot of cubs at cons wear their prized marci/tavi/whoever badges... if you see them, tell them they have a nice badge as an ice-breaker. Maybe that will spark a convo or two. Who knows. But yeah, don't be reclusive and try not to cling to anyone out of being shy. I started off shy at my first con then grew to love being around all the people, and now I'm also a fursuiter which is the ultimate excuse to be slightly mischevious with random people and get away with it. =D

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    I know exactly what you mean. I practically had a panic attack at AC this year and went hide in my room for most of the second day of the con. I was in the video game room and as it got packed and I didn't know anybody in there I just started freaking out. Didn't touch any games and didn't talk to anybody. Just stood there for half an hour before I couldn't stand it anymore and left. ; ; Being even remotely social has always been a problem for me. I can get over it and push through for things like practiced presentations, but I mainly block out the entire event in my mind and run on auto-pilot. That basically gets me through work. My job has gotten a lot more social as of late to where I have to travel and do training presentations. (OMG I might get to go to Japan, and I will definitely be going to India.) Hell, for ordering at a fast food place I have to have the order memorized by the time I hit the register or I'll lock up.
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    One reason I hope to go to AC is because being suited will avoid lots of the socially awkward moments; all I have to do is roleplay a persona, (not lying because it is consistent with who I really am) - and put out of my mind thoughts of feeling awkward. I am not shy, but it still can be hard to know how to interact with new people.

    One thing I would plan to do is pre-arrange to meet up with people I know well from here; when people see you being at ease, and being social, they will more readily be comfortable with you introducing yourself. If you look at ease, this'll help. If you are suited, remember people can only see the suit, not you inside, and you can control how you project yourself.

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    Just got back from FurFright. Last year there seemed to be a lot more babyfurs than I noticed this year. Of course quiet and shy little me didn't talk to too many people though.

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    The best thing to do is pre plan with some others. I did that for AC and met some other babyfurs, we had a good time. I'm shy too but being around some others like you that can take alot of that shyness away. And i will try again for FC in january

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    You can always crash with us! Just let me know if you need a place to stay.

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