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Thread: Telling my mom

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    Question Telling my mom

    i told my mom i had a secret, but now she is all over me about it and its starting to get me mad! i was so mad i almost told her but i keep on thinking about what would happen if i did tell heer so, your advise, should i or should i not

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    First up, it was probably a bad move to tell her you had a secret.

    Secondly, if she isn't going to get off your back about it, then you'll have to come clean. Hope to god she accepts it. Unfortunately, there's no backing out of it at this stage. And I wouldn't recommend lying as that can really put you in a spot of trouble. Even if you say it was a joke, she'll still know you're hiding something.

    Might be a bit too late now, but read this anyway: How Do I Tell Someone?

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    If you are going to lie, then don't tell her that you were just kidding...Just make up something else to say as your secret

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    I'd say that you have a right to your secrets just as she does hers... of course I have no idea what your relationship is to your parents so that might not fly. Maybe say one day you'll tell her and just let that day never come...

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    By telling her you have a secret you've probably made her think you want to tell her what is itbut are too scared to. If so, then she won't stop trying to find out because she thinks she is helping you.

    So you're gonna have to tell her something. I would really reccomend against telling her - I don't know what she's like but it's not that likely to go well.and if I were a parent, I probably wouldn't want to find out my kid had a diaper fetish...

    I think the best bet is to make up a convincing lie that sounds like something you'd keep secret but isn't that bad. Perhaps something like you looked at some porn on the internet? It's something that all guys do, so it's not gonna an awful shock, but it aounds like a secret.

    But depending on your mum, that might not be the best idea. You know her better than me so put some thought into if you should tell the truth or not, and what lie you should tell if you decide to lie.

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    If I were you, I would make up a fake secret to replace your TBDL one. But that's just me.

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    It all depends on how you think she would react. If you think she would act positive (unlikely) or neutral (possible) to the idea then go for it. Only you can judge that because as everyone else said, we do not know your mom.
    If you think she would have a negative reaction, I would also suggest telling her another secret, but one that is a real secret you have so you do not have a chance of getting caught in a lie. A good secret I just thought of to tell her is to tell her you wet your pants on accident the other day, see what her reaction is on that. Just say you washed your clothes before anyone noticed, but you wanted to tell her because you were worried about it. If she has a negative reaction to that, just drop it and do not tell her about the diapers. If she has a neutral reaction to it, I would also suggest dropping it. Although if she has a positive reaction by saying that "its okay, accidents happen, if it happens again tell me and we will help work it out." Of she says something similar to that I would say you might be in the clear to tell her about the diapers. Just say that you got some diapers and started wearing them. If she flips out, say its cause of the accidents, if she doesn't flip out tell her the truth and tell her it is because you enjoy them.
    Good luck and use the best judgement you possibly can!

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    remember, everyone saying that you shouldn't tell her, but think how good it will be if she understands

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    I'll agree with what others have said and say that you should make up a lie.

    Make it believable and secret worthy (just make sure that the lie isn't worse than having a diaper fetish!). Or make it something that she won't enquire about... Or make it something that might sound like a big deal but is pretty pathetic on the secret scale.

    Or you could just tell her to forget it and hope she gives up...

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    I say make a special handmade card for your mom, and say that was the big secret.

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