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Thread: Abena X-Plus in public?

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    Default Abena X-Plus in public?

    I've been thinking about getting some Abena Abri-form X-pluses soon and was wondering how they do in public?
    How noisy/crinkly are they?
    How thick are they when dry? Wet?
    How many wettings do they hold?
    How well do the tapes hold up?

    If you know of a better one for public use, please mention it.


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    Have worn a lot, (pretty much all the time now) in public. Gone through a couple cases of just about everything. The X-Plus is a great diaper, It will swell up a lot, about double it's dry thickness due to the high polymer content. Not very discrete but can be hidden under loose clothes. They are in my opinion the thickest disposable out there when dry and prob second to Bambino when soaked.
    They are pretty quiet the tapes generally hold good for me unless taped really tight. They will hold a ton and go all day with regular light to med wetting but do not take to heavy flooding due again to the high polymer content. One down side, they seem to have very little odor control.
    They are my favourite for road trips.

    My new fav for every day out and about is the Dry 24/7, great fit, very soft, quite discrete for a large capacity diaper almost on par with the Abena but will instantly absorb multiple large floodings, wick all the way to the front and back and a great price.

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    The X-plus can be worn in public if you don't have tight fitting pants. Because they are thick and their cut prevent you from walking normally, I'd say they are not the best diaper for day time.

    Like mentionned, when wet, they swell a bit. But what trouble me with these diapers, is the fact that the urine is not well distributed on the pad and it accumulate at one spot, creating leaks after a while.

    The tapes hold well generally. Their noise is not very noticeble. You could hear it in a quiet classroom, but not in a store isle, if you are wondering.

    IMO, they are good diapers for night time if the cut fit you well. Or better suited for people in wheel chairs. Not for every day walking and working.

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    It depends entirely on what pants/shorts you're wearing and how close/quiet your surroundings are.

    I've worn the xplus out a lot with board shorts and a onesie and it's 100% fine. You can barely notice the crinkle if you're out in the world, shopping, etc...if you're in a quiet room, then you may notice it slightly.

    What purposes do you want a diaper? How many wettings do you need? Where will you be going?

    Tell us what YOU want in a diaper, then we can recommend one.

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    Wearing diapers in public - ADISC Answers Wiki

    The answers aren't exactly what you want, but come on. If you wear the right things people won't notice.

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    I have always felt comfortable in wearing Abena Xpluses out in public under my clothes. In fact they are the best source to go with when out in public and don't expect any opportunity of changing for long periods of time. The only draw back that I've found in wearing for any length of time (which I've worn for 12+ hours) is that the smell may become annoying. So consider adding a greater amount of powder and or wear plastic pants too.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I've found that denim jeans hide the diaper shape very well. I've worn them in public under my clothes plenty of times. Usually I wear the Abena Extra since I'm not fully incontinent and don't need 60+ ounces of absorbancy (which, amazingly enough, the x-plus has!)

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    You can wear them (and all other diapers), specially during winter because you can wear much clothes because of the cold and long coats.

    I think here in Canada, we are lucky because winters as very cold and long, it's mean a lot of opportunity to wear diaper discretely.

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    I wear Abena X-Plus' in public, becaue I only wear for maybe 2 hours at a time, and only for a single, possibly 2 wettings.

    If I were to wear for a long time, 100% recommend the Lille's with the plastic backing for 100% security

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    The only diaper I usually wear in public is the Abena X-Plus and under a slightly baggy pair of shorts or jeans they are perfect. The X-Plus feels like it is perfectly cut for my body. They aren't that noisy, the bulk isn't necessarily noticeable (I have an athletic physique), and the tapes hold up extremely well.

    With the X-Plus, you have to make sure you really push the tapes down when you are done getting them adjusted or they do pop off occasionally.

    I'm a pretty cautious public wetter unless I'm wearing plastic pants, but I find that the Abena will hold at least 2-3 moderate sized wettings before I start getting paranoid about it leaking.

    Good Luck!


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