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Thread: Anyone ever been in the news?

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    Default Anyone ever been in the news?

    Has anyone ever felt excited and special for seeing themselves on TV, you couldn't stop talking about it and telling people about it?

    I was on the news on Saturday and I taped it and recorded it to DVD and also filmed the clip with my camera and saved it to youtube. I couldn't upload the video from disc so I had to use my camera to film the clip and save to computer and upload to youtube. It was so exciting seeing myself on there and I feel special becaue of it.

    My husband says he has felt the same way when he had been in the news and one of my online friends felt the same way too but then it got old because being in the news is no biggie to him because he has been in it before.

    I was on the news before when I was 18 for high school choir and the news crew just picked us to be on TV. But because I didn't see the news that night, I didn't feel this way because I didn't see myself on TV. It was on regular TV and my family didn't get regular TV so I had no way of watching it. We had no local stations on Direct TV.

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    First time I was in the news I was an "unnamed young boy".

    Next time I was in the news was for some acting award I won.

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    My brother was on the news a few years ago because he went on a fire truck for an educational festival thing. He felt, and I quote, "Like Spiderman.". Not lying. I love my brother.

    PS: Hey Calico, mind sending the link to the youtube video? Curiosity gets the best of me when I get the chance to see a member's face.

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    Well congratulations. Supportin' the cause. And no, have never been in the news.
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    Being on the news is always interesting. I've been a number of times, filmed playing and interviewed. That's always interesting because you immediately think, who the hell's that dork, and then realize, oh damn, I sound so weird.

    When I played for the Steve Freeman Band, we played for 20,000 people at The Garlic Festival in Virginia, and WSET was always there filming us. One year Dave Mathews was there out in the audience. That was pretty cool. I must tell you that it's so strange to be playing keyboard and having the news media stick a big camera in your face. I never know how to act, so I either act cold, or make some stab at trying to act cool. Then when all is said and done, most of it hits the cutting room floor.

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    The first time I was on the news, it was for stabbing my teacher.
    The second and latest time was for joyriding in my principle's car, then hitting a tree by the football field. Good stuff...

    Just kidding.

    Or am I? You wouldn't know!

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    I've been on local too many times to count (used to be friends with several media outlet employees and did marketing for some of my employers.) I've also been on national news a couple of times for various reasons.

    After a while, it doesn't seem like a big deal. I can easily see how celebs would quickly tire of the constant hounding (one reason I dislike "entertainment" shows!)

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    Haven't been on the telly, but was in some little strip in the paper *years* ago. Something about kindergarten, I dunno.

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    I have been in the papers loads of times, and was on the television a good few years ago, talking about my younger cousin's leukemia.

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