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Thread: Being open about plushies

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    Default Being open about plushies

    So even though most of us don't share our *B/DLism with most people we know (for good reason), I've found that plushies fall into a kind of middle ground category. After all, tons of non *B/DL's still have plushies, and some even still sleep with them. So you could certainly make your plushies public and not give away your *B/DLness.

    So I'm open are you about your plushies? Does anyone who comes into your room know about them, or do you keep them hidden?

    Also, for those that are open about them...what are people's usual responses? Do they not say anything, make a small comment the first time and not bring it up again, or do they like to ask you about them? Have you ever been asked if you sleep with your plushies, and how do you respond?

    I've gotten a lot more open about my teddy the last few years...mainly because it just feels so good to tell people about him. The best is when I get to tell female friends and they find it so cute that I still have a teddy...and they like to ask if he has a name and find it even more cute when I tell them that he does. They usually don't ask if I sleep with him, though.

    But I've told my best male friend too, and sometimes I even cuddle my teddy when he comes friend finds it a little weird, but usually doesn't say anything.

    I even left my teddy out when my mom came to visit me one time, and she laughed a little and asked "What's that bear doing in your bed?"

    So I find it interesting, especially for us guys. Having a plushie isn't really weird like being an AB, but it is a bit of a quirk to most people, albeit a cute one. So I like to hear what people's reactions to plushies have been.

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    I'm debating whether to break out my plushie (bunny) while being in my footies to my roommate (he already sees me wear the footies all the time). There are LOTS of times that I'd like to be on the couch w/ my bunny watching tv (which I used to do before I got my roommate).

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    Being a doll/plushie maker, I'm very open with my plushies. Nobody really cares because I'm a girl, and all girls love their plushies. :heart: Well, most of them, but I haven't met a girl without at least one plushie yet.

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    I have my plushies layout on my bed all the time, but I always keep them in there unless just me or my dad are home. The only time I can think of when a plushie should not be on your bed is if you got a wife/husband. Even then its still advisable to keep them in a location.

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    They're always in the open for anyone to come into my bedroom. However, I don't consider it unusual even for adult males to have plushies, either for memories' sake, some cartoon character plushies, plushies purely for decorative purposes, or a gift from a significant other who's not present all of the time.


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    It's the only thing I'm pretty much open about (except when people are visiting). I don't hide them and my family knows I cuddle with them when I go to sleep.

    Even my brother has some though. So does my mom. One of my best friends in high school had a few as well (though we don't really talk anymore).

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    Everyone knows about my footy pajamas. And most people know about my baby Tigger plushie. They don't think it's weird really. Just another part of what makes me me.

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    mine are out in the open on a table in my room nobody ever notices them i sometimes forget they're there

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    I have my puppie plushie on my headboard and my lion and tiger on the floor in the corner.

    2,000 POSTS!

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    I've always had a load on my bed, never had any funny looks or comments.

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