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Thread: I have swine flu!!

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    Default I have swine flu!!

    It's true. I've been diagnosed, but no Tamiflu for me, thats only for people who are 'high risk'. So I'm officially in isolation. The only time I'm allowed to leave my room is to go to the toilet.

    And I'm SO bored!! I can't deal with it!

    One of my flatmates has it too, and we're sticking it out together. Today we made a contaminated poster for our flat door, and a den in the kitchen. Only 4 more days to go!

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    Eek! Hope you have a speedy recovery from it.

    I've been cautious about it since I first heard about it. But then I'm a right hypochondriac. I even have my little bottle of alcoholic hand gel stuff in my car

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    I haven't heard about the swine flu in months until just now. I honestly thought it was gone! Guess not...

    Good luck and try to stay entertained. I would pick up a new video game and master it at the end of the 4 days.

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    I would get a videogame... if I was allowed out to go buy one. Or I had a games console to play one on for that matter...

    We've had cleaners in twice today. Apparently we've spread it to at least 2 other flats already. Maybe we've started a mini pandemic!

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    I hope you recover quickly, Talula! But until then, you've got us!

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    Uhh... i mean... hope you get a speedy recovery. ^^;

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    I had it too. Wasn't that bad. Self diagnosed though, compared the symptoms to the official website list, and I had like 7 of 9.

    I pretty much isolate myself anyways. Computer geek. Other than going out for Halo 3 ODST, I never left the house for 6 days.

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    Symptoms of swine flu really aren't any different than the normal flu.

    Everyone they interview on the news who has had it all say it was no big deal, and no different than normal flu. Swine flu is just one giant media hype.

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    Swine flu is a joke. It isn't that big of a deal it a like the normal flu but not nearly as bad as the normal flu. It also has the same symptoms of about 12 other things. This is just one of those media things. I mean companies have even started using it for advertising, like lysol's commercials are saying that it gets ride of swine flu. Such a media frenzy about nothing.

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