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Thread: Hi Introduction of myself

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    Smile Hi Introduction of myself

    Hi.I am an older baby. I am 53yrs. old,but really only 2. LOL. I have been wearing diapers whenever I can,since I was about 7 yrs old. How about that,that means I have been wearing diapers for 47 years! Just wanted to introduce myself,and join in.
    I was also diapered by mom from 10 until 12 at nights, for bedwetting. Before that,she just put a towel and rubber sheet under me.I guess when I got older,the wetting got larger. So she started putting multiple curity cloth diapers ,and gerber x-large toddler baby pants on me.I was not a large kid,so they did fit pretty good. There were no disposables back then. Also, I had 2 cousins and a girl neighbor,that had to wear diapers at night also. At first,diapers only did it for me. Made me feel,babyish,and well you know. Then, I added a bottle,then a paci,and now I guess you could say I am an adult baby,and a diaper lover. Sometimes,I just diapers under my clothes, and sometimes diapers,baby clothing,and my bottle. I have collected onesies,rompers,and lots of other things over the years.I do have some photos to share,if I could figure out how to post them.

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    Hello, puffybutt, and welcome to the site.

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