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Thread: Is the Recession really over?

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    Default Is the Recession really over?

    Well its September 2009, the Dow Jones is easily inching closer to 10000, and the economy is closely rebuilding itself. Many analysts believe that the recession is close to being over and that the economy is slowly rebuilding and inching towards expansion. In my opinion, I have had a job for the past 2 years consecutively and I never felt the deep threads of the recession but I believe that it is progressively getting better. How about you? Are you ready to invest in the stock market? Buy that fancy house? Go shopping on Black Friday with no regrets? Is it really over? Or close?

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    The recession aparently officialy ended a couple of months ago in canada.

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    "Recession" is a technical term and by the definition,'s over. But, just because the technical recession is over doesn't mean that significant portions of the economy aren't receding. Unemployment always lags the end of a recession, so expect that number to keep rising. Delinquency rates on mortgages are still climbing. Commercial real estate may still collapse.

    There's a lot of risk still out in the system which is why many fear a potential "double dip" if another big shock hits the system (eg credit card default rates keep climbing to a tipping point).

    Finally, just because the "recession" is over doesn't mean that the recovery has gone very far (if at all). The recovery is a long way off. And, although people say that the market has gained 50% since the needed to basically double to get back to the peak. Furthermore, the stock market is usually forward looking and 4-6months ahead of the broader economy.

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    My dad is a plumber and has been laid off for a year. It has been the first time he's ever been laid off and he still is no where near the top of the re-hire list. All of his friends who work in construction have been laid off for 2 years or more, and he is surprised he lasted as long as he did. Our house use to be worth around 800 thousand, but now we'd be lucky to sell it for 250 thousand, which is why we haven't sold it. My dad is bidding for building houses for practically free and is getting out bid by a lot. The company he works for is working with the bare minimum amount of workers and is still laying off more. The recession hit hardest on construction and housing, and that's exactly what my dad worked with. I have felt the effects of the recession full force, and it's not easing up yet.

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    We never would of been in a recession if we never thought we were in one. Well we might of been but people so over reacted about it.

    Did anyone see the episode of South Park last season when they made fun of the recession. "Money only has power if you let it have power" . There's the full episode if you want to watch it.. its very funny and makes great points.

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    I got an Instant Job.. bit like making coffee..
    Ever heard of Costco Concierge?

    I work for them

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    Costco is a sort of coffee shop thing
    I know because there are a lot more Costco's than Starbucks in my area of the UK

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grapejuice View Post
    Costco is a sort of coffee shop thing
    I know because there are a lot more Costco's than Starbucks in my area of the UK

    Costco - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    well in this kneck of the woods the recession is still in full swing

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