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    Okay. So what are we - the ADISC users; 95% of whom are male - supposed to do with that information?

    Don't get me wrong. Girls in diapers would sure float my boat, but there is so much more to me than my interests in diapers and girls, let alone the two of them together.

    So my advice would be to tell us about who you really. What are your real hobbies and interests besides diapers? It's that information that tells us the kind of person you really are, and will get you a lot further in terms of meeting new people here

    Unless you really are only interested in girls in diapers - in which case I'm not at all sorry to disappoint.


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    Quote Originally Posted by James3412 View Post
    Hi my name is james i like girls in diapers
    Good for you and I like to laugh at idiots that post stupid stuff like this, in other words 99% of the people that post stuff like this are more than likely to be banned and this message that you wrote just screams pervert to the whole community, its about as rude as going to a drive-thru just to belch LOUDLY in the microphone. Now im not calling you a pervert but when the community sees posts of that nature they are more than likely to consider you as a pervert so do watch what you post. Oh and welcome to ADISC now say goodbye to ADISC spambot.
    Tell us a little about yourself.

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    Welcome to ADISC! The population here is majority men but friendly nonetheless. Although you might have seen this before, short introductions that lead to nowhere are considered red flags of suspicion. Just try to tell us a little about yourself like hobbies, interests beyond diapers and women in diapers and you can soon feel the friendliness and closeness that this community brings.

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