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Thread: Disposable Medical Express Shipping?

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    Default Disposable Medical Express Shipping?

    Adult Diapers, Incontinence Products, Adult Incontinence Products has really good prices and free shipping over 25 dollars. I was wondering if anyone had ever ordered from them, and how the product was shipped.


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    I actually order my diapers from this company all the time. During the ordering process, there will a box that you check if you want your order shipped discreetly. Just click the box, and your order will come in a plain brown box.

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    The first time I ordered online in High School, I ordered from Disposable Medical Express. DME has great customer service, and is located in MN, so shipments to me are fast. They easily agreed to do a UPS "Hold for Pickup" option when I emailed them. I've also mailed a check and both cash to them.

    One complaint though, one time they failed to ship the package discreetly - their name Disposable Medical Express was printed on the shipping label, and bad news bears, the UPS worker gal I went to go pick it up from is friends with my mom and gave me a somewhat different look when I came to get the package.. she definitely knew where it came from, in fact, I believe she had to write it by hand. That really pissed me off... ugh... after contacting DME about it, he acted oblivious to the fact that he sent it out with their name printed out on the label, like wtf how do you fuck that up?

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    I've ordered from them before and the shipping was very fast, much faster than I expected, I ordered and calculated the est. shipping times from them to me expecting it to come on a day my wife would be at work. She knew about and I asked her if it was okay for me to order diapers & she didn't mind but she was still a little uncomfortable with the whole idea. Well they must have drop shipped it because it came right away and showed up while I was at work and my wife answered the door. She said a young guy delivered it in a medical supplies van, which is why I thought it was drop shipped.

    One thing you might want to keep in mind is that you will start getting stuff in the mail from them, although I haven't seen anything in a while. The whole shipping discreet thing doesn't really bother me because to me adult diapers are a medical supply and Joe delivery driver doesn't know if I have a medical problem or not, so he's got no business judging me anyway and I'm not going to let myself feel embarrassed because of it. My wife on the other hand was very embarrassed by the whole thing, but now it's not so bad.

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