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Thread: furs roleplay

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    Default furs roleplay

    dose any one want to start role playing in the thread we will figur out who we are. you are at a day care at a cabin in the woods. when you want to start go to live chat for those who want to.

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    i've always wanted to role play. i'm not a fur, but i could probably play one. who knows, i might get into it.

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    Im up for it via by post or live chat.

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    Roleplaying Is more suited to live chat rather than a slow moving forum. That's why we dont have an RP forum.

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    Yeah, it works better live than on forums. Forum RPs are okay sometimes though, but I haven't been in more than a few ever.

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    Depends on the type of role-playing, really. Honestly I like really in-depth RP's that resemble stories more than a quick, fun little scenario. When ya gotta type a lot the forum is a better format for that.

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    Hmm, well, I posted this in that other RP topic too...
    It's a bunch of stuff I like in RPs.

    I'm well.... too shy to IM others about it for two reason. One, I don't want to be annoying. Two, I'm not sure who would be interested. So if you want to RP, then send me a message.
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    What I reply to these threads is always the same >>
    Whether it is by IM or chat or forums, I love Rp and you just need to PM me about it if you wanna ^^

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    Sure, id like to, the problem is that the Imc chat wont work for me
    , so could we do this in flash chat?

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