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Thread: Diapers in Church

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    Thumbs down Diapers in Church

    I'm just curious if other people feel the same way.

    I wouldn't necessarily consider "diaper wearing" a sin, but I still feel uncomfortable wearing to church. Any of you feel the same?

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    Nah! I totally wear my diaper during church. Once though the pastors daughter found out and I thought she was disgusted so I ended up ignoring her for a long while...turns out she wasn't but had only caught a glimpse of my waistband and got curious...I guess that's why she would look at me weird constantly. I had finally mustered up the courage to tell her that I did wear diapers and if she had a problem with it. So far she's the only one that knows.

    But hey! Don't worry if someone acts stupid during church just say it's medical. After that they won't do jack.
    Haha! Plus if you come from a place like mine where there is a lot of old people, you will fit in right with them, Lol!

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    I've worn during church on many occasions, it doesn't really bother me, and I make sure I wear either a baggy shirt or an undershirt tucked in to avoid showing off the waistband...

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    I don't attend church so no worries on my part ;3

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    Churchgoing in diapers:

    Hmmm this might present difficulties to Mormon members. Temple garment - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Also to practioners of ceremonies with nakedness, say, Crowley's lot.

    Though should you be of the Christian persuasion, I would suggest a denomination that uses the sprinkling or pouring baptism initiation rite; baptism by full immersion may have unfortunate consequences.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Raccoon View Post
    Hmmm this might present difficulties to Mormon members. Temple garment - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Also to practioners of ceremonies with nakedness, say, Crowley's lot; not to worry, these tend to be invitation only churches.
    Actually, diapers to church would not present any difficulties to Mormons. There are plenty of incontinent Mormons, and they wear the garments + diapers. Not all Mormons wear garments either. Generally, they don't receive garments until they go on a mission or get married.

    Just saying.

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    I've been in churches while wearing diapers...solely for touristic reasons though, as I'm not religious and thus don't go into churches during services. However, I wouldn't consider it a sin, since religion is based on your mind, and being faithful is in your mind and your actions, not in your clothing.


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    Quote Originally Posted by BabySparky View Post
    If you wear diapers you go to hell.
    "It's better to reign in hell than to serve in heaven."- Best quote from White Oleander (Originally from John Milton's Paradise Lost)

    If you're genuinely incontinent, then I'm absolutely sure it would be fine. However, if you just enjoy the feeling of a diaper, then I'm going to go and say that it's okay. Church, according to my Grandma, is a place that we're supposed to feel comfortable and safe. (Of course, I'm a Pagan with a high level of spiritual sensitivity, so I never feel comfortable in any religious places, but that's a whole different topic.)
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    I feel uncomfortable wearing in church as well. I agree with everyone in that I don't think it is a sin or anything, in fact I can say with a certain degree of confidence that the Bible never makes mention of anything close to diaper wearing. However I am from a small town and my family and their friends make up a significant amount of the church's congregation and if any of them noticed, well lets just say that would not be a desired outcome.

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