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Thread: No love for Halo 3: ODST? (SPOILERS)

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    Default No love for Halo 3: ODST? (SPOILERS)

    Nobody's mentioned Halo 3: ODST yet, as far as I can see, so let me be the first to do so.

    Cinematically, it's awesome. The cinematics proper are good, and many of the levels start with short first-person cinematics - even the one at the start of the game kicks ass. On the topic of drama, the characters are convincing (with the exception of
    ), the story is well played out, and concepts are used that Bungie has been wanting to use for years. N

    The gameplay is terrific. Instead of rushing in and killing hordes of aliens because you're a pimpin' supersoldier and that's how pimpin' supersoldiers roll, you actually have to stop and think. Take down that Grunt, grab his plasma pistol, silently melee a Jackal with it and take his carbine, use the pistol and carbine to knock out all the Brutes, and try to stay clear of the Hunter pair - speaking of which, NEVER engage a Hunter pair.

    On this theme, it is ALWAYS best to have covering fire. As MC, you could blast through waves and waves of Covies without a single thought for the poor beleaguered Marines by your side. As the Rookie, the poor beleaguered Marines are your only hope for salvation.

    My only complaints are:
    a) It's too short.

    c) Veronica has a really weird face.

    One of the best games I've played in a while.

    Any other opinions?

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    I really want to get this My funds are pretty low right now though, and I think I might just wait for Modern Warfare 2. How's the "firefight" mode?

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    I agree with most of this (especially Veronica's face) except that I've had no trouble just running into the fight yet, although that may change when I go up a higher difficulty. I've also fought the hunter pairs a lot, and I've usually survived with at least half my health. They are really dangerous, but they're fun to take down.

    My complaints are with some of the obvious mess-ups in the game. As an ODST I was able to take out just as many covenant as Master Chief, which makes me wonder, why do we need spartans?

    Overall, a great game. Just not a great Halo game.

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    I'm actually hugely disappointed with ODST. It's just an expansion of Halo 3; Bungie opposed Microsoft's request to make another "big" game and preferred to make something small...but it's still priced up at $60. The VISR mode is really nifty and fun, but since it's only useful in the night levels, I can't help but imagine they could have just made the levels a little brighter and got rid of the VISR entirely. It takes up the X button which was previously used for equipment...even Halo: CE had overshield and active camo, but the ODSTs can't use either of those.

    You can't dual-wield. Okay, you're not Master Chief. But explain how you can still jack vehicles and wield machine gun turrets while moving just as fast as walking normally. Also explain how Brutes now have the red plasma rifles that fire like tommy guns, but in your hands they act like the pathetic blue ones.

    The missions were very short, especially in New Mombasa. I felt like the street levels interrupted the flow of the story.

    There's also some inconsistency with co-op. In Halo there wasn't any. In Halo 2 they basically cloned Master Chief. Halo 3 finally did it right, with the Master Chief being joined by Arbiter and two unique Covenant SpecOps. How come in ODST we have four Rookies?

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    Nicky, Firefight is pretty disappointing and you're better off playing the Halo 3 standalone multiplayer disc that comes with ODST.

    Grif, all of your complaints are valid, and ODST can have trouble standing up to the larger Halo games, but there will be another Halo game - Halo: Reach. If, as I suspect, it's an adaptation of The Fall of Reach, I will be very happy.

    The VISR mode is a little strange like that, yes, but it IS useful for the night levels as you've said, which I see as a plus. Be nice, though, if it didn't amplify light all the time. Dual-wielding: I WTFed a little at the lack of it, and yes, the AI/human plasma rifle difference is ridiculously unbalanced. A lot of the features don't seem to have been modified enough to distinguish ODST as a unique game.

    The missions being short I perceived as something of a bonus. It feels to me like ODST is meant to be played like Rainbow Six, so the best difficulty level is Heroic or Legendary. With the difficulty amplification inherent in the ODST system, the long missions of the classic Halo games would become obstructive after a while.

    And for co-op, yes, ODST is a little broken. While storyline concerns prevent story ODSTs from being present at all times, there were times in Halo 3 when the Arbiter couldn't have been present, yet the co-op player was still the Arbiter. Why couldn't {Buck, Dutch, Romeo, Mickey} have been the {second, third, fourth} player in ODST?

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    Thing that bugs me about ODST mostly is that I can only get the other 3 mythic maps through the mythic disc. I'd rather just have them release it and pay MS points for it rather than have to buy a whole new game just to get 3 new maps to finish off the Halo 3 achievements.

    Not that im complaining id like to get ODST, but I can't afford it right now and I have MS points in my account...

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