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Thread: Friends, Acquaintances, and Coworkers

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    Default Friends, Acquaintances, and Coworkers

    I wasn't the most popular kid at school ever and I can still say that I am not at that top tier. I also maintain a job (to which I won't reveal any further detail) after school each day. In working and in seeing in school, I have changed my personal definition of the term friends, acquaintance, and coworker. In this, I felt that I can see who I can trust and who I feel isn't that person who I should be talking to. For me:

    Friend- Someone who I have known for awhile and that I can trust this person and discuss topics freely. In addition, this includes people who share common interests and are in the same situation as myself.

    Acquaintance- Someone who I know that I can talk to about shared interests but don't completely trust or feel that a long-term relationship will coexist

    Coworker- Someone who you are currently employed with and that there is a definite knowledge of no long-term relationship with this person.

    The definition of Coworker came from a coworker who I had mixed feelings with as an acquaintance since I know that she and myself are in different school social classes and have no shared interests. In addition I do not trust or get along with many of her friends. It is a mutual relationship but I know that it is a coworker relationship.

    So why did I bitch for 6 paragraphs? Cause this is a conflict that one goes through when you try to discover who you are and who is being real to you. Back in the day, my aims were to be the top dog in the school. Of course personality and Aspergers obviously provide a bad mix. Over the past few years in school my popularity has somewhat increased but I am now satisfied with myself. However, with this, and the purposes that come with Facebook, has me thinking about who really are my friends and my acquaintances, or my coworkers, or my enemies, or my who the fuck should I even care about them?

    What is your definition for Friend, Acquaintance, and Coworker (if Applicable) and state how you feel about your current status with others (people other than your family).

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    Amen and know what you are feeling. Have been though my fair share of this as well.

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    Friend: someone who will help you move, or crash at their place if you're in a bind. I have very few people on this list. 2, maybe 3. 1 is easily my brother, who is my best friend and, if I ever got married, he would be my best man without a moment's hesitation.

    Acquaintance: someone who you go for drinks with after work, or maybe invite if a group is going to a concert, LAN party or movie on the weekend. I have a dozen people on that list, but I wouldn't count on any of them for anything.

    Co-worker: someone who you hang out with if you're desperate or at a company function, but otherwise only exchange occasional emails with about non-work related stuff.

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    I've got a different system. Starting from the top, 'Buddy' is a best friend; someone I can chill with every day.
    'Friend' is someone who I think is cool, and I'll occasionaly hang with them.
    'Chums' are people in my circle of friends who i don't talk to too much.
    'Acquaintance' is someone who I know through other friends. I don't make any effort to hang with them, because I don't know them well, but if they're there I will.
    'School Pals' are people i see and talk to at school, but don't do anything with afterwards.
    'Work Colleague' is a friend from work. We know eachother, but we don't really hang outside of work.

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    Good Friend (1-2): Someone I spend a great deal of time with on a nearly everyday basis because we mutually trust each other and enjoy each others' company. If I was in serious trouble, I would immediately reach out to these people with the full confidence that they'd do everything in their power to help me out.

    Friend (~10): Someone who I trust, but do not necessarily actively cultivate an everyday relationship with. I may talk to them every week or only every few months. Asking them for a big favor would be awkward, but they'd most likely be willing to help. These are mostly former "Good Friends" from whom I've been separated and members of my family or extended family. I will start up Facebook conversations with them almost anytime they're on and make an effort to keep in at least periodic contact.

    Friendly Acquaintances (~100-150): These are the people I talk to randomly as I pass them in the dorm, people who I ate lunch with for a semester of high school, or former coworkers (I worked on scout camp staff - which leads to much closer relationships than that of most coworkers). Most of my Facebook friends fall into this category.

    Everyone Else (~6.5 Billion): By default, I'm nice and polite with them unless they show me that they don't deserve the effort. I don't take any interest in their lives, and they don't take any interest in mine. There is no need to sub-categorize these people.

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    Friend - The guy who comes and bails you out of jail at 4am after a wild night of who knows what.

    Good Friend - The guy who is handcuffed next to you on the bench saying "Man than was fun."

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    Best Friend (1): Someone you've know for many years and can trust pretty much completely and totally and can rely on them for getting out of any disaster + u'd do the same for them

    V. Good friends: (2 or 3) Similar to a best friend, only you wouldn't ask them to be your best man/ head bride's maid as they aren't as good as a best friend similar likes wise.

    (V.) Good friends(5-10): people you know and hang out with regularly who you invite everywhere with you, but you wouldn't ask them to bail you out of a REALLY bad situation (though you can probably rely on them to sleep round if you are in trouble)

    Friends (20-30): people you have a mutual likable relationship, who you see about once per week/ on weekends and hang around with them for a bit of fun, but no deep trust is involved

    Friendly Acquaintances (~200): People who you know/ have and like, but you don't really see them outside of the environment you spend time with them (such as school)

    Co-workers: similar to acquaintances, only sometimes you may not like the person, as they still work with you, therefore they are a co-worker.

    Enemies (1-3): Someone you despise because you feel that almost everything they do is wrong, mean and unkind. People who treat you badly for no real reason/ because they dislike your style (be it music, clothing, social class etc)

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    It splits into two groups, which I keep divided because they are so different, which are: University friends and friends from home.

    Uni friend tier would be:
    Housemates (people who I live with, and obviously have the qualities of people who I could stand seeing everyday)
    Friends (people who come to my house, and who's houses I go to, and who I can drink with)
    People from back home who have also moved to this new city (old friends who I randomly bump into, and enjoy doing so)
    Class mates (people I know on my course who I talk to mainly just in a uni setting)
    Randomers (people who I know, and see from time to time. Maybe friends of friends or whatever)

    Back home it was:
    Main circle of friends
    Larger circle who I was not as friends with
    School or college friends
    Work friends

    As for the original post, I found it a little weird because of desire for popularity. "Top dog" and the like. Do people really strive for popularity?
    I couldn't give a crap what my 'current status' with others is. As long as my friends are my friends, it doesn't matter.

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    No one has freinds, they are just people you know a little better than others....

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    Thinking about these definitions I realize I have no real friends at all. I'm either connected to these people through videogames or anime. But there isn't anyone I feel like I can talk to seriously and be there to support me or me be there to support them. I'm raking my brain trying to find someone but I'm coming up with an error 404.


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