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Thread: Blankets, How many do you have??

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    Default Blankets, How many do you have??

    Blankets.... I just love blankets. I think I love them just as much as my Paci. So come one I wanna hear about yours.

    I have 3. An they all mean the world to me. I cant sleep without them

    The first an my most important one isn't a blanket. But a sleeping bag. Its the old school kind with cloth on both sides. But it was my grand fathers blanket that he used. He traveled allot before he passed away. I've had it for 5-6 years now. An I sleep with it every night. An think of him. But its dark blue on the out side. With a light blue/dark blue mix on the inside

    The 2nd was made bye a old friend of my moms. She made me and my sisters blankets one year for X-mas. We didn't have allot growing up. She made it from cloth an jeans. It has fish on it. An is really heavy an warm.

    An the newest was made bye a AB/DL friend. It has teddy bears on the front. An a light grey on the back side. An is really warm an soft.

    But these are my 3 MUST have blankets.
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    I always have 3 blankets on my bed, they are all actully too small for the bed I have when the bed in made they barely cover the sheets.

    But 2 of them are special one was my mom's that she loved, it was given to her buy one of my brothers wives, and it ment alot to her, and I means alot to me because she used it untill she passed away, so it stays with me forever.

    The other was from my old house it just a plain blanket but I have had it forever so I just keep useing it I must have it for 20 years.

    The other is a polar fleece blanket like the first I bought that when I moved into my new house, it has a picture of a black panther on one side and a white tiger on the other.

    I sleep with 3 blankets year round wearing a footed sleeper, and I pull the blankets to the side if I'm too warm and pull them over me when I cool down, I'm always cold.

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    i have two blankets....
    one is ugly and has a rather droll design on it.
    the other is fuzzy and has an elephant on it
    usually sleep with the droll one though...

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    I have two blankets. I've had a cream coloured one for ages. It's not the comfiest (spelling? My spell checker shows it as right, but it looks wrong), but it's warm. I have another blue one like that.

    Up until I got a dog, I also had one of my baby blankets. It was really comfortable and warm. But then my mum needed one for the dog, so she gave me the blue one I have now and took that one (and made some comments about "you don't want to be embarrassed by still having a baby blanket).

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    I still have my baby blankies from when I was 1. I have slept with them almost every night of my life, even before I got into the whole TB thing. When I was little I'd use them as a pillow because a real pillow was uncomfortable. I still use them as my pillow but occasionally I'll cuddle it while sucking my thumb. It's very comfy.

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    I've got two blankets. One's a green one I got for Christmas awhile ago. Don't use it very much.

    The other, however, is a little white Disney blankie that I've had since I was born. Incredibly attached to that, and it's even still in good condition! I sleep openly with it every night, and I'm convinced it's the softest, most cuddly thing in the world. ^_^!

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    Three at the moment, all fleece: a Spiderman one, a medium blue one, and a black one with my university's mascot embroidered on it.

    I'm currently looking for one of those blankets with satin edges. They used to be easy to find in stores several years ago, but not so much any more. The only ones I can find are heated blankets, which I don't want.

    Oh--and that's exactly how my real baby blanket was made: white acrylic fabric with satin edges (which I to this day find comforting, for some reason). Unfortunately, I carried it with me everywhere and literally wore it to rags by the time I was five. Hence looking for a replacement

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    Aaaah I have several.

    1) A Winnie the Pooh fleece one I got from my moms friend for my 12th birthday. I love Pooh bear, and it's just a cute soft blanket. Her friend was like a big sister to me (she was about 10 years younger than my mom, 10 older than me,) and taught me a lot of stuff, and her and my family don't talk anymore, so it's kinda special in that regard, too.

    2) A Harry Potter one I got when I was about 14. It's really thin, and it's really small, but it's still pretty awesome.

    3) A High School Musical throw (fleece) I got last year. It's actually pretty awesome. now I just need a Hannah Montana one. Call me a loser, but I love my disney shows.

    4) One I just got this year for my 19th birthday. It's a whole bunch of different pink shades, and they're like, blobs or flowers or something. It's fleece too and has a simple stitch around the edges. It's pretty big and cuddly. It was made for me by my Aunt.

    5) An old knitted type pink blanket. It was my grandmothers, and she gave it to me a few years back. I use it when it's hot, because it's thin. It usually stays under my bed, though.

    6) A rainbow comforter I got a few years ago. It's pretty tattered and worn, and some colours bled onto others from washing it wrong one time. That stays under my bed as well for when people sleep over.

    7) My new comforter. It's just a typical cotton material on one side, and micro-suede on the other. It's pink and brown and really warm.

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    2 blankets and a blankie.

    A big duvet which I just broke out since fall is finally here...and my summer blanket. I like to use both (summer over my feet and hanging off the end of the bed) and then the duvet over top. The duvet isn't quite long enough to put it all the way up over my shoulders AND cover my feet...which is why I do the 2 blanket system in the fall/winter/spring. But, for the winter I only need the summer one.

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    One. It's Got An Eagle On It. It's Waiting To Be Washed At The Moment, As For The Past 2 Months Or So. >_<

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