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    Anyway, I'm like bored tonight so I decided to post some of my drawing that I been working on.

    Lady Death. This is one of my old drawing from like a long time ago but I finally got around to editing it and recoloring it photoshop.

    Lord Raptor from NightStalker fighting series.

    Konata playing a Virtual Boy...Ummm enough say lol.

    Bender when he was a human as the ECW champion which was somewhat based off this pic.

    With the idea that Bender as humam look alot like the wrestler, The Sandman.

    Now a original drawing that isn't based on a anime, video game or something that I got out of a tattoo magazine.

    Lost Bear

    A Baby Dragon

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    Yep, another art dump and I need to listen to more Bob Dyan one of these days >.<.

    A couple days ago, Bandai and Disney announced that instead of "adapting" the next Super Sentai, Samurai Sentai Shinkenger, into the next Power Ranger, their going to remastered the original Power Ranger and reair it in 2010. Because of that I got this idea ....

    Here two hatchet diaper girl, I drew a while back.

    I drew this for a furry friend of my who has a breeding fetish...I think that what it call >.< Anyway it a pregnant calico cat .

    Here a Demon Girl Character I been working on for a while now...The third picture, I was working on some posse and kind of fuck up on the second posse >.<

    Also I been working on a angel like character as well....

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