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Thread: Hi.

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    Default Hi.

    I'm new to this site. I do wear diapers at times. I live in PA, right around Philly. If you live near me, or you want to just talk, message me.

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    Hey, welcome to ADISC.

    Tell us more about you, what music do you like? What are your hobbies? Etc. Etc.

    We're glad to have you.

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    Heh, sounds like me when I first joined.

    It's a little bit more helpful if you get to know people before asking for people in your area. There's creeps all over the internet (No offense), so it would PROBABLY be best if you let us get to know you.

    How 'bout some more details?


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    Yes, I understand. Haha, well first, I'm not a creep. My name is John. I love my friends, listen to all types of music. Love to work on cars. I go orr-roading with my buddies every weekend, or go to the shore. I have a 4-wheeler, love it to death, lol I wear diapers, for fun while I am playing a video game or I'm just home alone. Anything else, just ask.
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    sup Jon
    Yeah, its fun playing video agmes padded up!
    no need to use the PAUSE button almost! =)
    I know a few chill DLs around Philly!
    There's quite a few ppl in the keystone state actually!
    Have fun getting involved with ADISC!
    ~ Will =)

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    I have a 360. And like 2 games for it. haha. Most of the time I just go on at night if I am not working for a little bit, I'm not as big of a gamer as I used to be.

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    I play my play station like crazy, but now I don't play as much any more

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    Really Wwetbed? Thats awesome. This is actually the first site, like this, that I stayed with and like.

    Yeah I rarely have time to do anything anymore. Everything is so crazy these days.
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