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Thread: Exercise ideas?

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    Default Exercise ideas?

    Well I decided that I want to start exercising a little more, currently the only physical activity I get is walking from class to class and physical labor at my job for 5 hours. I have very little time to devote to this, between homework and work work there is simply no time. Can you guys recommend any good effective quick work out routines? Like only up to an hour a day is what I can put into this. So, suggestions please!

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    Depends on what you're trying to work out.

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    I bet someone will take that wrong and neg rep you for it

    Amazing though! I'ma use that site from now on

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    i love you olivia <3
    i love you too :3

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    I bet someone will take that wrong and neg rep you for it

    Amazing though! I'ma use that site from now on
    Nicky just gave me another one, so I can't take credit it for it, but Let me google that for you.
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    An hour? All you need is twenty minutes of rigorous activity a day. So run up and down your stair than do some push-ups and crunches.

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    I've been riding my bike every chance I get, and I work two jobs. Riding the circuit on our bike path takes a little under an hour, and it adds up to 6 1/2 miles. It's great for cardiovascular. You could also get one of those bowflex type machines. They look good for a real workout.

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    just when you have tijme
    do like a set of 30 sit ups and 5-10 push ups
    just do this a few times a day, combined with good eating and you can drop some weight/put on a bit of muscle.
    apart from that walk, run etc

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    I don't care about dropping weight, i am only 125, more muscle would be nice, but mainly I don't want to have a heart attac k when I am 30, so I guess some good cardio work outs would work for me.

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