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Thread: Lil AB Boy Shortalls

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    Default Lil AB Boy Shortalls

    I'm trying to decide which would be better, the cosyndry one, or a custom modified one.

    Cosyndry - ~$100CDN

    Cosy n Dry: Denim Dungarees

    Starry Ideas - ~$125CDN


    (buying the overalls, alterations, embroidery, shipping)

    I'm leaning towards the cosyndry ones (less work for me, and seems cheaper).


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    I really don't care for the look of any of them, I would like them to look more like osh kosh shortalls.

    You might be better off just buying a pair of bib overalls shorten them and adding an iorn on winnie the poo or sesseme street character the whole deal would only cost you about 30 bucks and a little time.

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    Go with the Dungarees! They are cute. I was actually considering getting a pair myself a while back. If you're looking for shortalls, just buy a pair of Dickies at Walmart, and hem them yourself. You'll save about $70.00. Not to say that cosyndry isn't worth it. They have some of the nicest stuff around! Just got a onesie, actually.

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    The thing is that I really want the snap crotch...and those sorts of alterations are beyond my abilities...and I want professional quality. It would cost me a min of $50 to buy overalls and alter them...or, for $50 more, I can get exactly what I want professionally from cosy...I think I'm leaning very heavily in that direction.

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    i dont really like shortalls i like onesies alot more. feels more babyish

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    What about a onesie underneath the shortalls (that's the plan). I have 6 onesies.

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    yea, thats a good idea, if it was me, id go for a pink sleeper or something and wear onesie underneath. with frilly plastic pants or just regular plastic pants over diaper.

    onesies are my favourite because they make your diaper show more.
    ya know? you get that classic baby bulge when he/she messes/wets

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    Why aren't people actually responding to the question?

    Don't say "I don't like shortalls"...that's not what I was asking. I already have a sleeper, I already have diaper covers...I'm trying to decide between shortalls.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zach View Post
    yea, thats a good idea, if it was me, id go for a pink sleeper

    As gay as this sounds, I actually have a pink onesie.

    And no, I'm not a sissy.

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