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Thread: So, I Sucked It Up

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    Default So, I Sucked It Up

    Woke up this morning around noon, still kind of reeling from last night's thoughts about how easy it would be to get a pack of diapers, and... everything just fell into place. Mom was asleep on the couch, kids at school, dad not coming home until 6 pm tonight. I barely recall scrambling up and throwing on jeans and a tank top, grabbing my old black messenger bag I used in school, and leaving the house. My excuse was in mind that I wanted mountain dew and we were all out in the house, plus I snagged some yogurt I've wanted for two days and some chocolate milk.

    Recalling something on here, I bought a kid's birthday card, swiped a pack size 6 baby diapers, and checked out. I'll admit I stalled a bit and panicked when a couple people passed by me, but I shrugged it off and texted my friends to keep myself calm and collected. I came home, showered, and after abusing the baby powder like there was no tomorrow, I put on my first diaper since about four years. It's still on.

    Cue the 'win' music.

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    Win indeed. Congratulations and enjoy.

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    Next time, don't waste your money - Ditch the birthday card.

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    It gets easier once you buy your third or fourth pack

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    Minor, yet makes-me-happy-update: Finally had to go, so I just wet. Gotta be honest, there's no greater feeling right now. It's just a shame that the diaper doesn't fit, so I have underwear over it at the moment. But I'm prolly going to buy my first adult diapers, Bambinos, next week when I get paid from work.

    So, still win.

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    Make sure not to get caught while ordering, though...

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    Gratz x5

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    Heh, nice.

    That was going to be my second suggestion, to buy adult diapers rather than baby diapers, but I didn't feel that it'd be a good idea to smother you with suggestions.

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    It would be better if linked to a hip indie band's page, or some "Save the X" page. Adds indie cred.

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