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Thread: Question about Abena X-Plus

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    Default Question about Abena X-Plus

    So I've never really tried true "Adult diapers" and am looking into it. From suggestions I've found on this website and others it seems that besides Bambino, the most popular choice is the Abena X-plus, or Secure X-plus. So I checked Rite Aid's website and they only came up with this

    My question is, which one of these is the right one, if any? Most of them say abri-form which nobody mentions on the forums.

    Also, I'm not ordering from their online store, but I'm hoping their online store is similar enough to my local Rite Aid. Thanks in advance!

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    X-Plus is the right one. But, you're not going to find them in your store, I guarantee it. If you have a Walmart around, they'll ship it from their website to your local Walmart for pick up, though. Believe me, I've tried, and they do not have those in stock.

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    Well that sucks :[

    I don't really want to trek all the way to Walmart and have them deliver, so I'll have to stick with the best they have in the store.

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    Hello jordanca,

    Abena, Abena, Abena... they are not bad but, IMO, overrated. The best thing you could do is to try as much diaper you as can, the right diaper is not the same for everybody.

    Begin with the diapers you found a your local store, that's not a bad start!

    PS. I should have said X-Plus instead of Abena to be more precise
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    Thanks for your input, will do :]

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    Abena is the company name. Abri-Form in the product line. They have other product lines such as Delta-Form, Abri-Wing Abri-San etc.

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    I like the X pluses...but i like the Secures better

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    if delivery is not a problem, they are cheaper by the 12 count bag on ebay. diapers direct and prodiaper sell them and i just today won a bid for a case (36) Abena X-plus for $32.00. but everyone should try all the diapers they can. I'm still really fond of depends. they are really a comfortable day time diaper.

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    I was told after I bought a case elsewhere, if you buy abena x plus that if you go thru amazon they work out cheaper I think they have free shipping.

    I bought mine thru northshore, and they were herein the Northeast in just a few days.

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