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    so last night i made a Molotov cocktail with a beer bottle and a little gasoline. i ripped up a rag and stuck it in the bottle and soaked it with gas. then i went to the lake next to my house and lit it and threw it on this big cement drain that is in the middle of the lake. it was so awesome, it only lasted a couple seconds because the wind and the fact that i only put a little gas in it. i want to do it again but i am going to wait and do it with my friend so he can see the awesomeness.

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    I will start by saying that i do NOT condone anything i say below:

    If you want the fire to last longer let a little Styrofoam(as much as you want)set In the gasoline. It will dissolve and will make gasoline burn for a considerable longer amount of time though you should never do any of this because where something can go wrong it will.

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    Styrofoam + Gasoline = Petrol Putty, or better known as Napalm.
    Don't do that stuff. It's bad, yo.

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    napalm aye, time to do some damage (JK). yeah i was worried that the wind would carry it but it didnt and its not like i could have set the lake on fire.

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    If you're going to play with fire, please take some really simple safety precautions. Make sure you have a damp towel on hand in case someone catches on fire. Don't make the towel soaking wet, because water+fire=steam. And steam is more likely to burn your skin than open flame (Another reason not to squirt someone with the garden hose if they catch on fire.)

    As silly as it seems, STOP DROP ROLL, is really hard to remember when you're suddenly on fire. So make sure to stop, drop, and roll.

    If you have one on hand, bring a fire extinguisher, but don't use it on a person. Rather use it in case you catch the surrounding area on fire. Finally, make sure you have 911 on speed dial and a good excuse if the cops come by.

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    From someone who's made countless explosives, almost burnt down the house, blown up the car and all-round pyromaniac, the only thing I have to add is that you be *very* careful when you play with stuff like that.

    There can be serious consequences. >_>

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