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Thread: Should I or shouldn't I

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    Question Should I or shouldn't I

    Tomorrow morning i have an appointment in the doctors, I have a bad knee that needs to get checked out. I was planning on going in 3/4 length jeans for easy access, but considering also wearing the pull-ups i have as well.

    So my question is, should i wear them or not wear a nappy/diaper to the doctors tomorrow?

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    Wear them, if the doctor notices them he's gone too far up and can be sued so he wont see them anyway. xP

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    I would have to say no, but then again thats my opinion, you make your own choices but if you feel at ease with it then go for it ^_^

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    *laughs* that is an excellent point Grapejuice.

    the mood i am in at the moment, i will probably wear them...but that confidence might disappear in the morning.
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    Don't wear them, just get the knee checked out, and then if you feel like wearing them afterwards...put them on and go out for an ice cream or something.


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    You know, they're probably going to ask for you to take off your pants.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pojo View Post
    You know, they're probably going to ask for you to take off your pants.
    Good point Pojo, whats worse in that situation is how to explain to the doc (if he asks) on why you are wearing a kids pullup, trust me this is something that not even the incontinence excuse will get you out of

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    I think you should ask yourself, why would you wear them to the doctor? It's not something I would do, because Pojo may be very correct. In the U.S. we often have to take our pants off and put on a paper gown. At the very least. wear shorts. Long pants would have to come off.

    I think the suggestion of not wearing, going home and going out for ice-cream and then wearing is a much better idea!

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    I wouldn't. If spotted it will lead to additional questions. Especially from a doctor...

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