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    Just a quick question... I haven't ever bought a mail order at the Post Office before, but I'm curious if they just give you the slip with the amount on it, or if you have to fill out the information right there as they watch?


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    Default I think you mean money order...

    If by "mail order" you mean "postal money order", it has been my experience that they print the amount of the money order, and you fill out the rest (as in the "pay to: Perverted Diaper Company, Inc"). You don't have to do it in front of them, you can take it home with you, fill it out and then drop it in the box.

    Disclaimer: I didn't check your profile, so this is USPS specific, and, I live in Redneckville, VA so YMMV when it comes to a big city post office. They may offer to fill in the blanks for you on their computer. Even then, most companies serving the *BDL community have innocuous sounding corporate names, to spare embarrassment for both the customers and corporate officers when doing doing business on behalf of the company.

    Note for next time: Threads of this nature should probably be in the "Diaper Talk" part of the forum.

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    Alright, thanks for your reply. I do live in a rural area so I don't think they'll offer to fill it in for me, and just give me the slip instead. I wasn't sure if this was the right place to post it, but I didn't post it in 'Diaper Talk' because it wasn't directly about diapers... But I'll know better for next time. Thanks

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    Well, I sort of assumed that you wanted the money order to purchase diapers with. That would fall under the category of "Getting Diapers" which is included in "Diaper Talk". But, no harm, no foul.

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    When you buy a money order at the post office or a convienence store you tell them how much its for not what the money order is for, it is much cheaper to get a money order at a convienence store, the post office charges a different rate for a higher value MO.

    You can go to a bank and get a money order also, they are cheeper yet, and if you have an account there you may be able to get one free, for just the cost of the check/money order.

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