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Thread: 2 for 1: How do you prefer the fit? Between to size

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    Default 2 for 1: How do you prefer the fit? Between to size

    Why do you prefer a tight, normal or loose fit? Comment your answer!

    I prefere a tight fit because it prevent leaks and for the feeling.

    In connection with the survey, I have problems when it’s time for choosing the size for my diapers. I have a small waist, about 30-32 inches; if I read the specs provided by the companies, like Abena and Molicare, I’m in the middle of two size, small and medium. BTW, I have only tried Molicare Super Plus and Abena X-Plus.

    The verdict: the Molicare Super Plus size small give me a tight fit, they are very comfortable. The Abena X-Plus size small are too tight and the medium size way too loose.

    Why Molicare Super Plus are not smaller than the Abena X-Plus in small size if the specs of the companies tell the opposite?

    What king of fit should I expect if I tried a bambino small size compared to the Molicare and the Abena?

    Any other comments?

    Thanks for answering
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    As far as diapers go, I can only buy drynites so my choice of fit doesn't make the slightest bit of difference. As for underwear and stuff, I definitely prefer a tight-ish fit.

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    I don't like them too tight, I like to know they are there but I don't them reminding me every move I make digging in to me.

    I tend to buy larger diapers(med), because I like to play with the fit, if you buy small or just right they constantly remind you they are there, better diapers can be refited during the day and I like that, also I don't like a diapers that sit low, I like it hugging my hips higher so it won't fall down if I'm wearing loose clothing like I always do

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    Hello ballucanb,

    Same thing for me, tight, but not to tight. I like to know they are there but not constantly: don't want them disturbing my sleep. Anyway, any diaper get looser with time so the fit become perfect.

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    I've only had one type of diapers so far so I can't really say how I'd like a really snug fit, the medium size I have now seems to be just right, not too loose and not too tight heh =p

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    I'm right in the middle of the medium size range, so I don't really have to worry about being stuck in the middle between two diapers sizes. I do, however, like my diapers to be of a reasonable size and to come close or even cover my belly button. I wouldn't want a diaper that fits like bikini style panties on girls, so I definitely won't wear anything that small, even if the sides are big enough to fit around me.


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    I like mine snug, not so tight that it hurts, but snug enough to make it a good tight fit, and keep a good seal.

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