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    Hey everyone,

    Well I do remember not so long ago a thread being posted about X-Plusses becoming smaller, that is unfortunately only too true. After spending 21 on just 14 diapers I'm saddened to see they are rather thin.

    This is only my 2nd bag ever of them and I must say the 1st one was a hell of alot better.

    But that's not what I'm here to rant about.

    There is a major manufacturing fault with the bag I've been sent, they leak straight through the plastic - No obvious cause, yes I'm aware that some diapers let out a little bit - But I've actually got a trail on the floor from where I've walked! I hardly wet it too which is what concerns me.

    I've contacted Abena on the telephone, they're speaking with where I got them from (probarbly to check that I purchased them) and in due course will get some new X-Pluses sent to me - Hopefully the old style if they have some hanging about.

    Just a heads up guys, don't trust them straight out of the pack like you would the old style.

    I'm furious as I had found a diaper I really really liked and now it's changed!


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    Such things happen, you felt on a wrong batch. I never had such problem but IMO I found the plastic backing of the Abena X-Plus thin and not so resistant. It happen to me frequently to break the plastic while stretching the tapes to much.

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    It feels a cheaper quality than what they used previously - I agree, things happen and it's not put me off as such.

    Although, I probarbly wouldn't wear outside of my flat with them until I'm 1000% satisfied they're not going to leak.

    At least Abena are sending me some more that hopefully can be used without plastic pants.

    EDIT: Abena are giving me a FULL case, even though I only bought 1 bag! - They're collecting these ones tomorrow for testing.
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    I recently bough a case of abena x plus and I was very pleased how well they worked, maybe you just got a bad batch it does happen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ballucanb View Post
    I recently bough a case of abena x plus and I was very pleased how well they worked, maybe you just got a bad batch it does happen.
    Yeah, I think it probarbly is.

    Ah well, I've got a trusty tena slip on now and it's holding well (Y)

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