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Thread: Child Soldiers?

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    Default Child Soldiers?

    Well we all know that this has been going on for a long time now, but why is it just now becoming a "problem" so to say? Like everyone is becoming concerned with it and thinking that it is wrong? I am not saying I am for it, but if we look back into history...WWII mainly. In Russia especially in 1941-1942 the Soviets were throwing kids as young as 11 years old into battle to fight the Nazi's and same goes for the Germans in 1945 children were being called upon to defend the father land b/c all the "real" soldiers had been killed in Russia.

    This is the same thing going on in Afirca, all the "Real" soldiers were killed a long time ago and they are now taking children and putting them into war. The Russians and Germans also kidnapped children to throw them into battle, but it was frosted with Patriotism and Nationalism.

    So my question is this... why are people just now getting involved with this? Was it b/c everyone believed that it was "All hands on deck" in WWII and that since the west isn't fighting n Africa (actively) that it is now time to be concerned with it?

    What are your thoughts?

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    Uh.. hate to burst your bubble, but children soldiers have been around since the crusades

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    Oh your not bursting my bubble, I know that...I was just choosing WWII as my example.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gaarafan4 View Post
    Uh.. hate to burst your bubble, but children soldiers have been around since the crusades
    I'm pretty sure that's more or less what he's saying...

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    The mere idea of child soldiers being an inhuman idea is a rather new philosophy in the grand scheme of things. As mentioned, it is a rather ancient issue and my guess is that young kids being fair game as drafties was not really looked down upon in much of the world until the last 150 years or so for the US and some European countries and apparently only 60 years for other European countries, and is still considered to be "OK" to many African countries. Add into the mix modern reporting of news and information and you have advanced and more human societies reporting on and being outraged at the practices and draft policies of third-world, highly corrupt nations and governments desperately trying to establish their power.

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    The most riveting scene I have ever seen is in the movie, "The Patriot". If you recall, Mel Gipson's son is murdered by the British in front of him, and then they leave, down toward a creek bed. Mel takes his two young son's and together they kill every British soldiers. The two child actors portrayal is incredible. You can see the terror and horror in their eyes. It makes me cry every time I see it.

    I can remember when I was in high school, I was being trained to survive in Viet Nam. We learned how to crawl, hand to hand combat, and carry out the wounded. The possibility of war was always very real for me as a kid growing up.

    During the Civil War, it was children who would be the flag bearers. Typically, they would get mowed down. From the Revolutionary War, children were the drummers. Sadly, children in war has been a time honored tradition. No wonder we're screwed up as a nation, and as a world.

    I agree with you that Africa using children to fight is a horrible thing. It actually has been talked about on the news such as 60 minutes for quite a few years. This is what happens when nations become desperate, and when everything falls apart. As one poet said, "The center can not hold."

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    A close friend of mine was shot by a 11 y/o in Afganistan. He's a navy medic, and was on patrol with a squad of Marines, when they were ambushed. Two Marines turned, returned fire, and killed the child that was shooting at them. They did it by reflex. And saved not only my friend, but the squad.

    They were court martialed, because they fired upon a child.

    Not right.

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    It's not that through history children have been fighting in wars as much as people are now saying - enough is enough! Children shouldn't be the ones who are fighting our wars for us. Let them be kids! Let them grow up and then make a difference in their world, not expect them to fight other people's battles.

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