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    well it's been just over 4 weeks now and the tattoo is nicely healed, i have shown it to a few furs already but i figured just before i go for touch up's on it ill post a pic of it.

    the original pic looked like this

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    That. Is. Awesome!

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    Great tattoo! Does the person who did this have said something to you about the arctic fox... wearing diaper?

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    Oh wow. Oh my, wow oh wow. And I don't normally get excited over tattoos. The quality of the reproduction says volumes about the quality of the original. There really is nothing that yells for criticism (often when an artwork is very good some niggling detail is below the quality of the rest and stands out. Not in this case,) everything from the direction of the gaze to the feet to the stump coloring is just... beautiful. Even little things like the extension of the hilt (pommel) protruding under the foot were attended to.

    There is a life-likeness to the figure, a dynamism, an expression of personality in the body shape and body language, as well as the facial expression. You can really pick your artists.

    Oh - plus, he's wearing cloth!

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    cool deal, very nice.
    very nice.. the tattoo artist didnt ask many questions??
    I got me a tat on aug 29th. I have yet to put any pics up of it.

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    Very nice tattoo! And in addition, the actual tattoo doesn't really imply that it is a diaper at all. No one can really guess it.

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    he didn;t really ask many questions about tattoo, the only few was is there 2 tails, but never asked about the diaper or much else about it, he did like it though and this was the first anthropomorphic character he has ever done

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    Nice! I plan on getting three tattoos done within the next year hopefully.

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