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Thread: A huge decision (College, work, etc.)

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    Default A huge decision (College, work, etc.)

    So I have decided not to return to the University of Minnesota Duluth as a full time student. I'm currently finishing up my second year and I'm most definitely not doing as well as I had hoped. I know what I want to do for a career (English Teacher, high school probably) but going through all the BS and red tape has been a hugely stressful and demoralizing experience for me. I have told my parents that I am taking a year or two off of college full-time. I will definitely be attending a local community college and be working full-time as well.

    My mom was pretty supportive of this idea.

    My dad was not. My dad is under the firm belief that the number one main reason that I don't do well in school is video games. He honestly believes that they are the root of society's problems, and if he doesn't, he sure acts like it. But that's beside the point, really.

    They are both highly worried that I will become like the 90% of college kids that say they're going to 'take a break' and then never go back. I've told them that this is not going to happen, but they think I just want an easy way out. I've told them many times that this is not the case and that I will be returning to college full-time once I get some cash and do some soul searching and get my bearings in the real world. They still think I'm gonna flake.

    Just thought I'd tell you guys.

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    I wish you the best of luck. May your quest to find yourself bring you lots of good fortune and brighten your future.

    Also, don't drop out and become a ****ing bum. Then your parents would be right, and nobody likes I told you so's.

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    Well, perhaps you can relate to my experience. I was once a full time student in Computer Engineering at the University of Waterloo. It's the most prestigious comp eng program in Canada, and it was a lot harder than I expected. For the first time in my life, I had to work and be responsible for my marks. I suffered for 2 years, repeating one of my semesters even, and in the end, failed. To this day, thinking about it sometimes still brings a tear to my eye.

    Afterwards, I worked for a year, got involved in politics, got extremely depressed, and suffered further. Then I went to a community college, and still depressed, finally got medicated. Since then, things have been going pretty well. I'm doing well in community college, getting 90s. I'm happy, and my family still loves me.

    But will I go back to university? After all this time, I feel like I'm running out of time. I wasted 2 years of my life in a botched attempt at a university program. Even in college, my work ethic is sketchy compared to what is required for university. For example, I've failed English once, and dropped it once. I am deeply lacking in basic skills like punctuality and time management. So will I go back? Maybe, I hope, but somehow I doubt it.

    Sigh... I am lacking.

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    Wow deja vu. I went to UofM and after 2 years decided I need to start working and I have never gone back. Some times I regret not getting my degree, but right now I have the job I always wanted to do anyways. That was possible without having a degree. I did get other training in my profession, but no degree. The one problem I see, is if you really want to be an English teacher, is it realistic to NOT have a degree and get a teaching job? If you don't go back, what else do you think you would like to do. Have an alternate career path setup.


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    same thing happened to me when i said i wanted to stop playing the cello (i know, much smaller scale). my parents thought it was just an excuse to quite, but i started back up again a year later, and i'm doing much better. i think it's a good choise if you'r really determened to return back to school. it seems like you are, but i can only tell so much from one post.

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    Do your best. You know what you want to do, so don't give up on it. If you give up, then you might have a hard time figuring out another plan. But do things at your own pace. If you need a break, then take it. Go to the community college... I don't know why everyone complains about them. Sometimes a community college education is good enough, but maybe you'll need to go back to the big college later to become a teacher.

    I can't speak from experience though. I couldn't afford to go to college and didn't want massive debt for half of the rest of my life. Will I still go someday? I don't know.

    Quote Originally Posted by Swamp Thing View Post
    Also, don't drop out and become a ****ing bum.
    People who do drop out can at least say they tried. Those who don't.... just won't have wasted the money and time. And those who go to college might be greatly rewarded. Some people become successful without every going to college at all. You can't just say that everyone who drops out is a bum.

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    Man my first year at college is just like that. My marks aren't what I want them to be, my studying and student skills suck. I think I have a bunch of adventure still stuck in my system, don't get me wrong I love to learn, it's one of favorite things to do. College is a completely different style of learning, I still haven't put my finger on it, but it's different than anything else out there.

    As for video games, I'm in the same dam boat. I think I could have done better this semester had I not gotten a copy of Vampires the Masquerade. (Don't get it, it's a very addicting game)

    The whole point I want to get at her is that college is very much a state of mind a person has to get into. My sister, a very organized and go get em kind of person went straight to college after high school and has been on the Dean's list a few times. Myself, I'm lagging behind horribly. But I have done things my sister has not: I traveled most of the world, clowned with Patch Adams, I'm nationally recognized for my volunteer work, and my biggest regret is that I never kissed a girl when I had the chance.

    I've been told it's an impressive list of accomplishments, but I can't take notes during a lecture for the life of me.

    Here's the jazz, you know what you don't want to become. You don't want to become a flake, you don't want to never come back. I think you're strong enough to check yourself on those points. And if in your time smoking your mind you seem to find another path that makes you happy and fulfilled, twice as good.

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    My experience has been that everyone one of my friends that say they were going back to school never want back to it.

    Unless you have a detailed understanding of what you are doing while not at school, you are not going to go back.

    Your parents are right to be worried. I'd be worried in that situation. Why aren't you doing as well as you thought you'd be doing? You need to analyze that. Is it that college isn't for you? Is it other reasons?

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    Dude! One word of advice from someone who is currently taking a break from university.

    Do it! It'll make you appreciate your studies even more. Once you take that train out of there, you'll wish you bought a return ticket. Life is a lot easier when you study, because your life *is* the textbooks, the classes, the campus... nothing else. Life in the real world is much more demanding.

    My parents always used to tell me through school, "I wish I could go back to school. You may not appreciate it now, but they really are the best years of your life". Of course I didn't appreciate their sentiment. But now that I am out of school, I finally understand exactly what they meant.

    Facing the real world is tough. And fact is, university/college can be demoralising. But it's all done to prepare you for the world outside the lecture halls.

    But the one thing to remember is to never burn yourself out. Don't overwork yourself. Sure, make studying a top priority. But it's not worth sacrificing your mental well-being for.

    Enjoy your life while you're still young enough to do so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShippoFox View Post
    People who do drop out can at least say they tried. Those who don't.... just won't have wasted the money and time. And those who go to college might be greatly rewarded. Some people become successful without every going to college at all. You can't just say that everyone who drops out is a bum.
    I know. I was just telling him not to become a bum.

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