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    I have been looking into getting cloth diapers for some time, now, I'm flush with cash (not really, I just have about 100 bucks), so I am going to get some. I was looking on ebay, and I think I've decided on the yuyun all in ones, but before I buy, I'd like to know if anyone has tried them before, and if so, are they any good?

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    My - I don't recommend them. The way they're designed, there's a little cloth protruding out of the edges of the plastic in places- it won't make it leak, exactly- but if there's any clothing in contact with it (which if you're dressed is pretty much unavoidable), any wetness will end up getting wicked out into your clothes.

    Take it from me- if you're going for cloth, flat cloth squares and plastic pants are the best way to go. There are plenty of sites out there where you can find out how to fold them!

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    What i've been told by a few members here is that all-in-ones basically suck. They basically start to break down after the first few uses. I purchased velcro cloth diapers from Baby Cloth Diapers, Adult Cloth Diapers and accessories. very pleased with what I ordered, only I made a mistake with the plastic pants I bought and I've had to throw them away. I am thinking I am going to order again soon.

    They ship in a plastic bag that basically says clothing. Because they are in canada, they are supposed to put what is in the package, on it.

    Like I said I am thinking about ordering again, and this time actually have it shipped to my apartment, unlike last time where I had it shipped to a friend, she repacked it, and shipped it to me.

    I know that doesn't really answer your question, but maybe it gave you more ideas.

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    i've got yuyuns, and while i can agree with some of the (negative) points already made, i do like them.
    but, i'm looking at it like this (and from having been in similar shoes as yourself): you're 17, you've got $100 - that's not classifiable as 'disposable income' at your age; instead of forking out on relatively expensive imports, just buy some cheap placky pants and a high quality towel. that way will offer greater flexiblity for use in public or private as the all-in-ones are of a fixed bulk and shape and definitely noticeable under clothing.
    and since you'd have up to $80 left from your $100, you could treat yourself to some normal type stuff.......or buy something for me

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    I've not had much luck with AIOs however I've not tryied Yuyn's. I perfer fitted, (like contour with elastic) and plastic pants. Shalinas, Tri County Cloth Home Page makes some great fitteds.

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    For look and feel, all-in-ones can be awsome. Not so terrific for function and durability. Better off with plastic pants and a nice thick nighttime cloth diaper from ACD or wherever.

    Once upon a time I had a Freestyle all-in-one, velcro closure, that I really loved. Too bulky for use in public, tended to leak a bit and took forever to dry, but still fabulous look and feel. Most of the time I wore them, but didn't wet. Most amazing thing: found them in a local Jewel, in the Osco section.

    Sadly, that was part of the stash I had to jettison a few years ago when the daughter and grandkids boomeranged.

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    I can obtain them wholesale if you are interested.

    I do agree with several, these all in ones are still pretty leakable, but I and a friend of mine have found them to be pretty decent to wear over disposable diapers or additional cloth inserts.

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    Allright, thanks for the input guys, I put some more thought into it, and realized that cloth would be really hard to wash and dry in secret, so for now, I think I'll just buy some video games or something. Thanks again for the advice, and saving me from throwing my money away.

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    ok...well I actually can cheat a little, but the way I wash and dry my diapers is in the shower. I will wash it, then hang it on the different rods, towel rod, curtain rod, random rod thats in the shower, and let it air dry. Not the fastest, and not the cleanest. I was able though, this weekend, sneak it in with my wash. I was able to get it fully dry by blaming our dryer, which doesn't work in the first place, so I was able to send it 3 cycles...don't know if that would help you any but...helps me

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