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    hey everyone im new here and this is my 1st diaper communty site that i signup for and the first time telling someone im a TB/DL .

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    Welcome DemonHunter. Glad you were able to take the first step to the rest of your life identifying yourself as who you are!

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    Heyyo! Ya i guess I'll throw the cat out of the bag first...

    Why don't you give us a little more information about yourself =) For me, I'm a gamer, baseball player, cooker =D. I'm almost positive anything you're interested, some of us here are too.

    Also, feel free to hit up the IRC up there. Its basically a live messenger. =D

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    k um, im 16, male, im a christian, part emo, a conseritive, a gamer, i wear diapers for comfort and for fun ( not in a sexual way ), a song writer, and i love music ( like metel, techno/hardrock, hard rock, altern., crunk and punk). thats all i can think of for now lol.

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    cool, i am a christian, male, 17. I was the same way when I came here, it was the first time i told anyone I was a TB. But it gets more enjoyable after a while and your childhood joy comes back and feels great

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    Love your name and the band. I also like Pillar, Skillet, Red, Disciple...I can go on and on. Welcome to the site.

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