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Thread: Easter!

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    Default Easter!

    So what are you guys and gals all doing for Easter?

    I had fun today painting Easter eggs with my cousin. I was tutoring her in math too. It was fun.

    I can't wait for Easter, because there's going to be lots of chocolate and candy, which I like. Then I'll go to church too, which will be fun too.

    Umm... I'm also going to see my brother, whose coming in from Ottawa. Yeay!

    So that's my Easter, what about yours?

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    im usaly gowing to my grandmas but i dont this year. you should hide eggs its fun. i have a good hiding place for a hundred dolar bill for very expereanced players too.

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    Wake up unusually early. Go to an overcrowded Church in uncomfortable clothes. Return 2 hours later and go back to sleep.


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    Went out on Thursday night, rocked out with friends yesterday. Recovering today. Eating Easter Eggs tomorrow!

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    Nothing really... working... working long days...

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    1) Get up and eat my Easter eggs.
    2) Go out for a 'family day', which will just be a walk up a nearby hill (a big hill, not like a... you know what I mean).
    3) Eat a nice lamb meal!

    That'll be it really.

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    I'll be eating chocolate. My grandparents will be coming over for dinner.

    That's it - easter isn't a particularly big event to our family. I remember back when I was young my parents would hide easter eggs all over the house and we spent the day searching for them. It was awesome fun!

    *reminisces about the good old days*

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    A big BBQ near the river on Monday from morning to late night, music and other stuff!
    praying for the sun

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    im praying and thinking god for the reberth of Jesus Christ bacause thats what easter is all about not the day some rabbit stole carrots from some guys farm -___-

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    Honestly, my family never took part in the whole rabbit/carrot/easter egg. They thought that it was stupid and had no relation to Jesus whatsoever.

    ^I agree with them 100%.

    I never understood it... I always thought it was so silly. Eggs and Bunnies? It's funny how they can take 3 random things and make them fit, huh?

    Easter is a very important day in the lives of Christians. It should be spent in Church and the like.


    What disappoints me, is if you were to ask any child under 9 years old what Easter is, they would say "The day we get baskets of candy, go easter egg hunting, and go to church for some reason!"

    I just think there is seriously something wrong with that.

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