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Thread: A Question on Cloth Diapers

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    Default A Question on Cloth Diapers

    So, I'm thinking of getting a cloth diaper, any opinions on them?

    What should I look for? I was thinking of a All-in-one, or a pocket diaper.

    What brands are recommended? Snaps, or velcro? Really, any help/advise is welcome. And if worse comes to worse, I could have a pretty swell cover for disposables.

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    May I direct you here.

    SecretRoom on Etsy - SecretRoom Creations

    They're made by LuvsGirl, a member here, and are very nice. Then, just pick up plastic pants, from

    plastic-pants and rubber pants resource for adults who wear cloth or disposable diapers.

    You should be all set after that.

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    Welcome to Gabbys

    is another good place to get them from, but u have to watch out for sizing. im a 32 ish weist and i ordered the medium, which starts at that size and unfortunately they are a bit big on me. so watch your sizing, it u are a 32 and the smalls go up to 34, go for a small, even if the mediums start at 32, same with plastic pants, so for the one that has your size near the top range of the sizing charts, it will fit you better, closer and feel a lot better.

    where u get them form is your choice, but i hope this advice helps.

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    Default Help

    I get my plastic pants from They are very quick and pretty cheap. They have more of the babyish pants. have great diapers.

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    Default has just about everything you could ever need to wear cloth

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    incontinence - great plastic pants at wholesale prices.
    NiceDiaper.Com - great and fairly cheap velcro diapers Is working on pocket diapers in larger sizes.
    Tri County Cloth Home Page
    Baby Cloth Diapers, Adult Cloth Diapers and accessories.
    eBay - New & used electronics, cars, apparel, collectibles, sporting goods & more at low prices - then type in adult baby As of today there is over 1500 results from this catagory or 28 pages. Many of them are of cloth diapers of differing kinds of them.

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    Oh, by the way, let me include here a youtube video of what a pocket diaper might look like:

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    Almost every week night when I get home from work I immediately take a warm bubble bath, dry off and put on a gauze diaper. Sure, when I must be discreet I wear disposables, but I much prefer the comfort and effectiveness of gauze diapers.

    For years DPF sold their lovely Baby Heaven adult gauze prefold. Then DPF shut down their on-line store. Before the last of my supply of the DPF pre-fold wore out, I had come to love the 36" square 2-ply gauze diapers from Adult Cloth Diaper Co. (ADC) with these I use ordinary Gerber baby Birdseye prefolds as soakers. Since I am a gal for me the soaker goes in the middle of the assembled diaper, where I want it to settle at the lowest part of the crotch. Therefore on me it is unnecessary to fasten the baby prefold in any way.

    Three of our local Los Angeles/Hollywood/Pasadena AB pals are guys my age and older. In their own AB fantasies they want to be pinned into gauze diapers as they had been as toddlers and beyond. All had also been customers of DPF. The lack of those adult prefolds caused them all panic. Like me they all only want adult prefolds made of gauze with non-woven Kodafil as the soaker, not additional layers of any fabric, be that gauze, Birdseye or terry as offered by several vendors.

    My youngest sister Missy also is urinary incontinent and copes using AB play. Like me and our pal Peggy simply folding the baby prefold so they rest in the crotch works great. For her husband John and Peggy's husband Lance, Missy designed her version of a pocket diaper. Our mother Alice does the actual sewing for the guys.

    Picture a square gauze 2-ply ACD diaper. On one side is sewn a second piece of 2-ply gauze that starts off 18" wide and 36" long. The sides will be doubled over slightly. One end came from the factory with an over-lock edge, as did one side. Using her own over-lock Mom edges the long side. She shorten the gauze strip such that it comes to a place toward the back below the top yet in a comfy spot. This strip is attached to the main square diaper centered left to right, with the factory over-lock edge flush with one side of the big diaper. The doubled-over sides are fastened with a couple of rows of zig-zag stiches. The short end is fastened with a single row of zig-zag stitches. Across the strip, at just the point where the bottom of the soaker should go, there is another set of zig-zag stitches. Those are one over the other. The final width of this pocket is calculated so the baby diapers slide in before use and slide out before the diapers are run in washing machines.

    Depending on the expected activity the guys might use one, two or even three baby diapers as soaker.

    Since early 2006 Mom has sewn several dozen of these pocket diapers. Missy has offered her design for free to ACD and other cloth diaper makers. As far as I know none are producing these. Mom says with practice it only takes her a few minutes to make each. When she started using the over-lock on gauze it did take a lot of effort and adjustment to get the tension correct on all four threads. Mom has an industrial over-lock, but other friends use a home-style serger with equally fine results.

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    Default Good suppliers

    Babykins for cloth diapers and plastic panties (their thin guage vinyl panties are awesome -- soft and quiet under clothing). Fetware for plastic panties (they have a nice selection). Angelfluff has some high quality cloth diapers and durable plastic panties, even rubber ones; and adult sized galvanized diaper pins. XP Medical is fast and low-priced for disposables.

    All four are very reliable.


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