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    Hey, ADISC. Recently, I've been having bladder problems. Let me explain, and maybe you can help:

    When I'm at my dorm, sleeping, I will often wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom (number one, pee, urine, whatever you wanna call it) at around two to four o' clock in the morning.

    Normally speaking, I have a very strong bladder. I can hold it for two hours and more during the day, and I have never been a bedwetter. However, when I get up in the middle of the night, my bladder hurts, bad, from the pressure of it being full. I have to walk to the bathroom (which is hard for me to do: It hurts for me to walk barefoot on tile, because of my surgery), and I wet myself little-by-little as I walk; not to the point where there's a puddle on the floor, just enough that I can feel it in my pants. When I actually do go to the bathroom, the urine is not a deep yellow color: It only has a tint of yellow to it, and it takes awhile for it to come out (normally, I can release it fast, both night and day, when I go to the toilet).

    This happens about two to three times a week while I'm living at the dorm. When it does happen, it happen once a night. I, usually, only drink milk at night, and empty my bladder before I go to bed. This doesn't happen during the day, or as much during the weekends, when I'm at home.

    I'm going to the doctor in two weeks about this issue, but I wanted to hear your guys' opinions. What do you think?

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    My first advice would be 'see a doctor if you're concerned,' but it looks like you've already got that one covered.

    I guess getting up at night to go to the bathroom isn't that unusual. Most nights I wake up having to pee, usually about 4 hours after I fall asleep.

    You being full to the point that your bladder hurts and you're leaking--not good. The fact that you're having trouble releasing it is also concerning. The same thing will happen to me, though, if I have to hold it for too long... ya just want to *go* and get some relief, but it will only trickle out and trying to go faster hurts. A lot.

    Interesting that your urine is clear; that would indicate that you are well-hydrated, but you say you aren't drinking much before bed. Also, the body is supposed to slow down its production of urine while you are sleeping. Yours doesn't seem to be doing this if you're getting that full at night.

    Until your doc's appointment, just try to lay off all liquids (even the milk) several hours before you go to sleep. Cut the caffeine out of your diet as well (it's a diuretic, as you probably know). If you're still filling up at night to the point of your bladder hurting, you might consider setting an alarm every few hours so you can empty yourself. It will cut into your sleep, yes, but it will prevent the pain of an over-full bladder.

    *the usual disclaimer: not an MD, just sharing personal experiences & advice

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    This isnt any problem, the color, if its a more deeper yellow you have more differerent wastes that your body is getting rid of e.g. like drinking alot of soda.
    if its clear it means you drink alot of base drinks such as milk water tea. I also get up and go in the bathroom. if i hold it long enough my stomachs hurts also.. just caused by pressure.

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    Boy, that sounds like fun.

    When I go camping, I usually have similar problems. I'll fill up my bladder (to a painful level) at least one or more times in the middle of the night, and occasionally I will leak urine. However, these symptoms clear up when I return home , so I've never bothered to see a doctor. (I think this has something to do with the bed I sleep on when camping, considering my fluid intake remains unchanged)

    However, I have never had trouble urinating; I would recommend you see a doctor to see what is going on. It may not be anything more than surgery side-effects, or it could be worse.

    Check it out.

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    I had to check your profile to see if you were a guy or girl. At the hours of two and four and the morning, people are normally dreaming (REM Sleep) and, for guys, that normally means an erection, which means it's much harder to pee. Although that doesn't apply here since you're a female. Getting up in the middle of the night to pee is pretty common in many people, especially if they drank too much before bedtime. My wife probably gets up every night at some point. For those of us with small bladders, dull pain happens when the bladder is too full. Assuming you're going to see a Doctor about this, my concern (and I'm no doctor) is you could be retaining urine for some reason.

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    Try limiting how much you drink two hours before bedtime. The problem with the color probably isn't a problem at all. It could be a sign of dehydration (not enough actual WATER in your system) or it could be the higher concentration of the urine because of the action of the kidneys to re-uptake the water at night (also quite normal.) In the last instance, this is what the medication DDAVP makes the body do.

    The more concentrated urine can act as a minor irritant to the bladder, making it "hurt" and feel like you have to pee really bad. The inability to pee probably has to do with your body not being fully awake when you get to the toilet, and is a sign that you potty-trained pretty well because your body doesn't want to pee while you are asleep.

    As far as the leaking on the way to the toilet, could be urge incontinence, but most likely not.

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    Thank you, guys!

    At the beginning of this week, I got a sign from the doctor (the post-surgery doctor) that I'm able to sleep without my AOFs (plastic things to morph your foot, to keep it in place) on. Since then, I haven't had my bladder problems - my mom thinks that I was just nervous, unknowingly, and is now not taking me to the doctor.

    I don't understand it myself, but I'm glad that it's over.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scritcher View Post
    which is hard for me to do: It hurts for me to walk barefoot on tile, because of my surgery
    Ouch, what surgery was this Scritcher?

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    Glad to hear things are getting better. Stress can cause bladder to act differently than what a person is use to. For me, stress, spice foods, and caffeine cause my bladder to act up more. Thank God for diapers.

    Changing a wet diaper is easier than wet pants.

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