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Thread: diapers on the beach

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    Default diapers on the beach

    I am incontinent and have to wear diapers all of the time. I want to walk on the beach wearing only a t-shirt and my cloth diapers and plastic pants. I have looked every where and can not find an answer to my question. Can I take a walk on the beach wearing only my t-shirt and cloth diapers and plastic pants here in Daytona Beach?

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    Hmmm, taking into account that Daytona is a family-oriented beach, I'd say that you probably cannot. It may be seen as public indecency if you're around small children. However, you can just wear swim trunks over them if you want to.

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    Butterfly Mage


    As far as I know, it's not illegal. However, the social stigma would be pretty overwhelming. I always wear swimming shorts over my diapers, since the swimmer-support layer helps hide the bulk of my diaper.

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    You could go to spain they probally wouldnt care (no offense)

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    Yeah... I agree with Pojo and Nicky...
    It's not illegal, but it will only make the DL rep worse than it allready is...

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    Um, sounds like an exhibitionist.


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    Uh... don't do that please. We have enough bad rep as it is. And besides, it would just be awful to force kids to see something like that.

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