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    so have you ever seen a pack of diapers in your size right in front of your face but you knew you couldnt touch them (and i mean out of the store at like someones house)? well today i was helping out at church and we were packing food up to give to people and i saw two packs of sleep well (goodnite knock offs) and i couldnt touch them i was so mad i even want to go back and get them but it would be extremely hard to pull off. now i was wondering if you guys have had this experience.

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    Yeah, once or twice where I'll be at church (similar situation) and it'll be right there but I know I have to keep walking. And by the time I can nab them without being noticed they're gone. That was awhile ago though, I've got a pretty abundant supply of diapers now, so I don't really feel the need to steal at this point.

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    been there, done that, didn't get the diapers though =(

    And right enough; I wouldn't steal from anywhere, let alone the church.

    Even when it is unbelievably tempting! .

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    I stole from my friends brother. Only goodnites, which are OK but not great.

    I love the adrenaline from stealing them, its an awesome feeling.

    Dash its not stealing, its permanent borrowing. There only like 10 dolla, they can afford it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by woof View Post
    Stealing from church? C'mon...
    It's no different than stealing from a grocery or department store. Just because its the foundation where religious people meet doesn't make it any different. I don't condone stealing, I'm just saying people shouldn't get all up in arms simply because it's a church.

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    Hmmm...well...once when I was working for Red Cross we were doing an inventory 'n there were several bags of diapers in varying sizes (for babies and adults). I guess the Red Cross really is prepared for all emergencies!

    No, I didn't take any!

    I'd already invested in the beginnings of what was to become a huge stash (since discarded)

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    I would feel pretty bad about taking things from the Red Cross, knowing they have a limited supply of diapers and that if some poor incontinent old lady out there was stuck in a tree (sorry, that's the best I could think of) and wasn't promptly given a fresh diaper she might get a mild diaper rash...that would just tear me up inside :p

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    I stole diapers from a church nursery before. I felt bad about it later. I tried to convince myself it wasn't stealing, since they were intended to be free in the first place... but they were intended for toddlers, not teenagers (I think they were size 3, but that's just a guess. it's been a while). Plus, I sneaked them away in a very odd, and risky way. I really think I might have dropped one, then someone picked it up and thought "WTF is going on here?"... but decided it would be best not to say anything. (3 emoticons for the lack of one accurate one) It at least wasn't my church though.

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    yeah sortof...

    a few times at my girlfriends house her little sisters diapers are perfect but they hang in the loungeroom next to the change table and sometimes i just find myself staring at them instead of watching TV wishing i could grab one.

    mind you there are other times i have been able to get my hands on them so its not all bad

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