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    Long time lurker, getting around to posting my introduction. I'm not a huge fan of posting, but I do so when the topic perks my interest, or I can relate to it.

    At the time of this, I'm 34 y/o, and have been a bed wetter since birth. Nothing works to curb the flow, but since I turned 21 - 22 its been a lot less freqently. I'm a large rotund person, so looking for diapers is a chore in itself. So far, I've not found any that fits me properly *blushes*.

    RLwise, I work in Customer Service in a call center, and have a few hobbies which mainly deal with indoor activities. My asthma is really bad, and hence the weight problem. Though what I do to workout is starting to help some.

    I do consider myself Bi, but have a prefernce for men.

    I joined ADISC for two reasons, my bed wetting, and to understand TB a little bit more. My younger brother is into TB, and I found his stash of diapers by accident. Since then, I've been buying them for him, and I'm the only one in the family that knows. Not sure what else to say, so I'll say good bye for now, and look forward to posting more.

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    hi there, nice intro ^^

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    Yes, and my congratulations to you on both your luck and your willingness to find a job despite one or two medically inconvenient conditions, in today's economy. And your support of your tb brother, buying for him and keeping his secret.

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