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Thread: Finally decided to join the fur community

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    Default Finally decided to join the fur community

    Well, I was playing a rousing game of Zelda Majora's Mask, and I saw something that finally pushed me over the edge. I've wanted to be apart of the furry community for the longest time, but never had an idea of what I would be. But no more indecisiveness, I have decided to be a Keaton! The Keaton shows up in the game and gives you a quiz. It's a cool, yellow fox like creature with three tails and black tips on it's tails and ears. When I saw it I instantly knew that this is what my fursona would be. It holds true to my individuality and unhealthy love for Zelda. It's so exciting!

    Also, when you Finnish the Anju and Kafei side quest, Tatl (the fairy) says that she knows they're lovers, but they look just like mother and child! That got me laughing.
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    Welcome to the fandom link! I'm sure you'll find our group to be quite intellectually stimulating (or not). A Keaton is a unique choice. The closest thing I have seen before would be a Ninetails. Good pick!

    I must ask: What convention are you going to first? Further Confusion, maybe?

    P.S. I remember that quest vividly. Anju was a blue haired child, and his lover was some red headed women. You had to recover the Sun's Mask, or something. Of course, its not true, but it always looked like Kafei was a pedophile. Her mate was like 3 foot nothing. XD

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    We has Puppies ohh ohh and Cookies...and some milk....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fire_lupine06 View Post
    We has Puppies ohh ohh and Cookies...and some milk....
    I that some way to try to convert me? Cause that doesn't work so well when I already joined.

    Embry, while I love conventions I still have no way of getting to one. Maby in a year or two.

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    Welcome. ^-^ *gives collar and leash*

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    Well hey there!
    Glad to see another person joining the ever growing multitudes of the furry fandom!
    We are a good group, as long as you don't feed the trolls or give into drama you'll be a greatly valued mebmeber of the giant furry family.!

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    I've avoided drama all my life, and I find it pretty easy. And you can't feed trolls silly, you can only make them hungrier, which I do not plan on doing. So ya, this seems like a good deal.

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