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    Talking Pleased to be here

    My name is Millicent Sutherland and I am the seamstress at Cutest One of All.
    I'd like to welcome all of you ABDL lovers to visit our site. We are holding our first contest and need lots of entries. Please join us.

    thanks so much,

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    Glad to have you here. But, I think you got it mistaken. We are *B/DL's. Not *B/DL Lovers...? At least I think not. But well, if you didn't mean that I understand. But are you just here to advertise your site or be a member of the community here? I don't really know which it is but welcome to ADISC.

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    MissMillicent, this really isn't the place to advertise another site. I mean, your post says nothing about you or about you joining the site, it's purely just saying "I have another site, please visit it!".

    If you are a member and have another site and what people to join that's fine, but from your post it just looks like the only reason you're on this site is to advertise. Which is pretty spammy, and pretty rude.

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    If you'd like to add a link to your site, you can... but please use the links option in the top right of the page to do so. That's where all the links are stored.

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