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Thread: more fursonas?

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    Default more fursonas?

    just wondering, who all has or had more than one fursona? i think it would be interesting if you are willing to show pictures of yourselves, past and present, to see how much has changed ofer time.

    just my wondering ^_^

    anywho, i guess i should show mine.

    for kicks by senri_wulfe -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

    Senri Ref Picture by senri_wulfe -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

    there we be, lets see yours as well

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    i wont say my fursona has changed much between two different animals or types, besides my adult self and babyfur self (yes i do have 2 fursonas of the same name, all depends on my mood).

    anyways this was my first badge of sulli. it fit well ish but it wasn't entirely sulli at the time, there were things missing form it but i couldn't pin point it on what it was.

    sulli2.jpg picture by sullilan - Photobucket

    over time (2-3 years now since the first one) i been evolving sulli as my fursona and though RP and jsut generaly talking to other furs the newest one of myself was born though a very good furend of mine (temperance) she drew this version of sulli up for me.

    PquWtM9-245cbfc54cb1c97a7cacd204c6a.jpg picture by sullilan - Photobucket

    the next closets one of sulli (and more my adult style of him then my babyfur self) is drawn by the very talented tavi munk (also one of my close furends of the fandom)

    golfer sulli picture by sullilan - Photobucket

    and just because i have it saved somewhere in the mess of the interweb. a very good furend of mine and one that has helped me though lot of stuff in my life, we talked for hours over IM about everything and everything and one of the first people that i told something very special to because it needed to be said, but that is saved between me and him. but in a thanks for the help i gave him with issues in his life and just being so good of a furend he drew this one up for me.

    the exciting part picture by sullilan - Photobucket

    those are the evolution of sulli from the time i was first thrown into the fandom thanks to "gammer kitty" to now when i type this message out. it will be intresting to see what everyone else posts on either diffrent fursonas or evolution of there fursona.

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    OMG Sulli, that was you in that pic? (The Exciting Part) I loved that pic when I first saw it. ^^ I can relate too as one of my best furry friends helped me out in a rough spot, but I made a story for the to of us, since, well. I can't draw for anything (to this day none of my fursonas have drawings of them.)

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