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    Right, so I am sure you have all heard some chick and her boyfriend (Chewfox and, tomcat [how original] )got on the Tyra banks show to do a segment on fetishes. Apparently these two's fetish is Fursuits; Tyra just called them Furries; quote "People who like to have sex in animal costumes".

    Chewfox and her boyfriend went on to explain all about fursuit sex.. yadda yada.

    The internet erupted with more upset furs then there are hookers in Reno, personally I don't care I just see the media doing its job and entertaining.

    If you take it any further then entertainment, you are a moron in my opinion
    If you have that much of a victimization, or god complex that you took part in this sherade god help you.

    Edit: This lead to an internal DOS error on Furaffinity's Servers, and Forum TWICE. Im sure Anthrochat and Furnet have had more netsplits the god knows what.

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    This stuff happens on a semi-regular basis. This type of thing rarely works out for the best. It'll boil over, but expect a slow simmering for months. Just gotta move along...

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    I never heard of this incident before you mentioned it actually, and gawd help me, I don't give a frack

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    Fuck they overreact too much.

    Really...Really....pissed off more at how our community handled this.

    SERIOUSLY some(more like most) furries need to grow up.

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    Give it two weeks or so, and we'll probably have forgotten about it.

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    Cant really say more than this..

    Furries + Drama = Furry Butthurt + Lulz for the Fapchanners and all the other pitiful insecure geeks out there

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    Yeah I heard about it - though I don't care that much. I haven't watched the clip or anything because I just don't want to.

    Unfortunately though a lot of us just take ourselves way too seriously - and the fact that FA is down is pretty much proof of that.

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    I don't like Tyra. On day, she got on stage an AB woman and she practically called her a freak. It was written on his face.

    She’s not too open-minded in my opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valerye View Post
    SERIOUSLY some(more like most) furries need to grow up.
    I like how this sight has a lot of baby furs, and they're telling the normal furs to grow up. The irony is to much for me to handle.

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